Go Commentary: Yamashita Keigo vs Iyama Yuta – 67th Honinbo – Game 5

This is the 5th game of the 67th Honinbo final between Yamashita Keigo 9p and Iyama Yuta 9p.

In this series Yamashita is the Honinbo title holder and Iyama is the challenger.

Iyama Yuta (9 dan, left) and Yamashita Keigo (9 dan) review game 5 of the Honinbo title match.

Iyama won the first two games, but Yamashita won the next two. So this is a very important game in the series.

Yamashita Keigo

Yamashita was well known for his very creative and bold openings when he was young. He likes fighting and complicated games.

Iyama Yuta

On the other hand, Iyama’s style of play is thick and solid.

He beat Lee Sedol and Gu Li at the 1st Bosai Cup in 2011, and lots of Go fans from China and Korea were shocked.

He’s a top player in Japan and he’s still quite young. He’s the future hope for Japanese Go.

Commented game record

Yamashita Keigo vs Iyama Yuta


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Beautiful game, thank you for the enlightening comments and choices to make. But Yamashita must have felt awful. Is it exhaustion after being in time trouble for a long time?

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi, isn’t the comment on move 40 a typo; shouldn’t it be “later, white might answer A with C (some other move — descending or something?”.

    Also, I looked at Iyama Yuta’s records, and he’s doing really great, with the Honinbo and Tengen, and just one game from taking the Gosei, but what about the recent Kisei League game where he barely won against Awaji Shuzo by 0.5 point? Who is Awaji Shuzo? A really good player or did Iyama just have a bad day (I haven’t played over the game yet)?

  3. Great commentary, again!

  4. mistakes…

  5. Flandre says:

    Deep and interesting game. Long time controls rule, as do your game commentaries, An =)

  6. Nice game! Thanks for the commentaries! =D
    It is a pity that Yamashita Keigo played wrong in the end. =(

  7. jangalf says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Younggil. Very instructive comments.

  8. cloudbrows says:

    Thanks for the commentary! It’s wonderful to get this kind of analysis on current games.

  9. I recognize that joseki from move 20 😉

  10. Fantastic commentary, thanks! Amazing how such a deep game can change so quickly with a single slip.

  11. thanks for this wonderful comments