Computer Go

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Man vs Machine showdown in the board game Go

Do you remember when the world watched IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ supercomputer challenge grandmaster Garry Kasparov across the chess board? It was almost 15 years ago now, but it was big news at the time, shocking news for some, because the computer won. Many believed that it marked the beginning of the era of machine supremacy in the realm of board games…

An interview with Anders Kierulf of SmartGo

In April this year Anders Kierulf, Go player and author of SmartGo, surprised and excited the Go world with the launch of SmartGo Books – for iPad and iPhone. Anders has been busy recently, working on SmartGo Books and other exciting features for the SmartGo suite. Go Game Guru was lucky enough to get some time to interview Anders, shortly after the release of SmartGo Books.