13 year old Xie Erhao youngest semifinalist at 1st Bailing Cup


On August 23, 2012, as the inaugural Bailing Cup names its semifinalists, China has already started celebrating with a guaranteed all China final. Park Junghwan, Korea’s last man standing, fell to one China’s highest rated players, Zhou Ruiyang. The other three semifinalists are…

Yu Changhyeok and Choi Jung become 2nd SG Cup Pair Go champions


On August 11, 2012, it was happy faces all around as Choi Jung and Yu Changhyeok received the winners’ check for the 2nd SG Pair Go Cup. The combination of Choi’s young talent and Yu’s experience proved too good for their opponents in the final, O Junga and Cho Hanseung…

Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi become North America’s first pro Go players


August 4, 2012 became a momentous day for Go in the Western world when North America certified its first home grown professional Go players. Starting on July 30, 16 top amateurs from the USA and Canada met to compete in a double elimination tournament, titled the AGA-Tygem Pro Finals, to decide whom among them would be the first American pros…

16 of China’s strongest players meet at the 1st Dachongjiu Cup


In late July 2012, China’s top pros met to compete in a newly established domestic invitational for the strongest players in China, the Dachongjiu Cup. The Dachongjiu Cup is open to the top 16 pros in China. Over four days, the pros play a single knockout tournament until one winner remains…

Xie He wins 2012 Jinli Mobile Cup


While all attention was on the Honinbo title match in Japan last week (or in my case, on the Tour de France), Jinli Mobile brought together some of the strongest pros in China for a mini tournament. On July 17 and 19, Jiang Weijie, Kong Jie, Gu Li and Xie He faced each other over two days of intense play…

Iyama Yuta becomes Honinbo


Iyama Yuta took his first Honinbo title on July 19, 2012, defeating title holder Yamashita Keigo by 7.5 points in the final game. The best of seven Honinbo title match, which started in May 2012, culminated in an exciting and unusual 7th game. Yamashita, playing black, built a large framework in the opening, while Iyama took solid territory…

Iyama Yuta and Yamashita Keigo deadlocked in 67th Honinbo


Over the last few months, Iyama Yuta and Yamashita Keigo have been playing the 67th Honinbo title match in various locations throughout Japan. Yamashita won the 6th game on July 10, 2012 and the score now stands at three wins each. This brings the best of seven Honinbo title match to an exciting and decisive 7th game…

Is this the world’s biggest Go board? 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup


On July 5, 2012, the second round of the 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup took place in Quzhou, China. Go fans may know Quzhou for its famous giant Go board at the nearby Lanke Mountain. After two rounds of play, the winners of the past two tournaments, Gu Li and Xie He, have been both knocked out…

How you can help to make Go a household name: The Surrounding Game

The Surrounding Game: A film about Go

It’s the line that every Go player hates to hear, “You’re playing Othello, right?” For a game with such rich cultural legacy, Go suffers from a serious lack of cultural awareness in Western countries. What would it take for Go to capture the public imagination?

Favorites fall left, right and center at the 17th LG Cup


In a surprising turn of events at the 17th LG Cup , several favorites, including Lee Changho, Lee Sedol, Gu Li, Park Junghwan and the defending champion, Jiang Weijie, fell in the round of 16. June 20, 2012 saw both Jiang Weijie and Lee Changho lose their matches, to Na Hyun and Li Kang respectively…