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3rd BC Card Cup: Get ready for a Lee Sedol, Gu Li showdown

On 19 April 2011, defending champion, Lee Sedol (9p) of Korea advanced to the final of the 3rd BC Card Cup by defeating fellow countryman Park Junghwan (9p). A day later, Gu Li (9p) of China won his semi final against Heo Youngho (8p) of Korea to join Lee.

Chen Yaoye holds 25th Tianyuan against tiger cub

The 25th Tianyuan Tournament has ended with Chen Yaoye (9p) successfully defending his title against up and coming Chinese player, Zhou Hexi (4p). Zhou was tipped by punters to have a good chance against Chen in this challenge. He was one of three ‘tiger cubs’ who made it to the semi final and he won the right to challenge Chen by defeating stalwart and Chinese head coach, Yu Bin (9p).

Park Younghun wins 12th Maxim Cup

On April 7 2011, Park Younghun (9p) won the 12th Maxim Cup, beating Lee Changho (9p) by half a point in the second match. Park won the first match several weeks ago (March 21), and with two wins he took the best of three title. The Maxim Cup is a rapid Korean domestic tournament for 9 dan players only. This year, the tournament was held on the beautiful Jeju Island.

3rd BC Card Cup: Semi final line up

The quarter finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup concluded today with Gu Li (9p) defeating Kim Jiseok (7p). In the other quarter finals, Park Junghwan (9p) defeated Zhou Ruiyang (5p), Lee Sedol (9p) defeated Chen Yaoye (9p) and Heo Youngho (8p) defeated Zhong Wenjing (5p). This leaves Gu as the only Chinese player in the semi finals, facing off against three Korean players.

9th Jeongganjang Cup wrap up: Park Jieun and team Korea win

There must’ve been some in the Korean camp who were nervous today. Around the middle of last week there were five remaining players in the 9th Jeonganjang Cup (an international women’s Go team tournament). Four of those players were flying the Korean standard, while one lonely player was still standing in the Chinese corner.

3rd BC Card Cup: Quarter final lineup

The round of 16 has concluded in the 3rd BC Card Cup with Gu Li (9p) beating Cho Hanseung (9p) to claim the final spot in the quarter finals. The other quarter finalists are Lee Sedol (9p), Park Junghwan (9p), Heo Youngho (8p) and Kim Jiseok (7p) of Korea and Chen Yaoye (9p), Zhou Ruiyang (5p) and Zhong Wenjing (5p) of China. The quarter finals will begin on 31 March 2011.

Lee Sedol makes quarter finals in 3rd BC Card Cup

On 12 March 2011, Lee Sedol (9p) claimed a spot in the quarter finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup by winning against fellow countryman Park Seunghwa (4p). As the defending champion, one might expect Lee to be the clear favourite. However, many Go enthusiasts watched this game keenly, as Lee and Park have only played each other twice before and the record before this game stood at one all.

Tiger Cubs Storm into 11th Ricoh Cup Final

The march of the Chinese tiger cubs continues in China as Tan Xiao (4p) and Li Zhe (6p) storm into the final of the 11th Ricoh Cup. The Ricoh Cup is a Chinese domestic tournament. This is the first Ricoh Cup final where the tiger cubs have reached the final and yet another milestone for the tiger cub generation. Earlier last month, Zhou Hexi (4p), another tiger cub, became the challenger for the 25th Tianyuan title.

Piao Wenyao wins 15th LG Cup

On 23 February 2011, the finals of the 15th LG Cup concluded with Piao Wenyao (5p) taking out the championship against fellow countryman and defending champion, Kong Jie (9p). Piao won the first match, of this best of three final, two days ago on 21 February 2011. Now having won the second match, he has taken the title without having to proceed to the third and final match.

Rising young Go players at 25th Tianyuan Tournament

The 25th Tianyuan tournament is currently underway in Beijing, China. Three young Chinese professional Go players: Zhou Hexi (4p), Li Haojie (4p) and Shi Yue (4p) have reached the semi final of this year’s Tianyuan. The three players are part of a group of rising young Go professionals that the Chinese media has affectionately dubbed “the tiger cubs generation”. The three cubs will be joined in the semi final by stalwart, Yu Bin (9p).