Gu Li to face Won Seongjin in 16th Samsung Cup final

The 16th Samsung Cup well and truly reached the pointy end of the draw this week, with just 4 players left standing.

On October 31, 2011, Gu Li 9p of China took on Korean young gun, Na Hyun 1p while fellow Korean, Won Seongjin 9p, took on China’s Chen Yaoye 9p.

Gu Li (9 dan, left) plays Na Hyun (1 dan) in the 16th Samsung Cup semi finals.

Gu and Won emerged as the winners of match one. However, the semifinals of the Samsung Cup are played as a best of three match.

Gu Li defeats Na Hyun in two games

On November 2, Gu went through to the final, after a second win against Na. This cut Na Hyun’s dream run to the finals short, but we will likely see his name coming up more often in the future.

Won Seongjin (9 dan, left) and Chen Yaoye (9 dan) count the score in game 2.

Meanwhile Chen Yaoye fought back against Won Seongjin to win game 2. This took Chen and Won to a deciding third game on November 3.

Won Seongjin proceeds

Won Seongjin prevailed in the third game, but only after a hard battle involving many ko fights. He will now face Gu Li in the final.

The 16th Samsung Cup finals

The finals will be played in Shanghai, in early December, 2011. Of the two players, only Gu, the defending champion, has played in the finals of the Samsung Cup.

Will this give Gu the edge? Or will Won, who has only previously won China Korea Tengen, win his first major international title?

Photos from the semifinals


Game records: 16th Samsung Cup semifinals

Game record: Gu Li vs Na Hyun – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game record: Na Hyun vs Gu Li – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game record: Won Seongjin vs Chen Yaoye – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game record: Chen Yaoye vs Won Seongjin – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game record: Chen Yaoye vs Won Seongjin – Game 3


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Why not D8 instead of N2 at the end? I am so confused. Can stronger players comment?

    • White D8, black connects at D6. It’s 0 points in sente. White can never atari the black group due to shortage of liberties, but black is safe and could capture white if he ever needed to. Notice that h6 and h9 are dead.

  2. D8 is -1 points…

  3. hi, would like to ask why I’m unable to download the file??
    when i press the link my page goes to another page…

    really hope to download it instead of viewing online…=)

    • David Ormerod says:

      It depends on the way your computer is setup. On some computers it will just download, on others you might need to right click and select ‘save link as’ or ‘download file’ or something like that depending on the browser. On iPhone/iPad Safari will always browse to the game record as a page instead of downloading it. You need to have a programs like SmartGo installed to tell iOS that SGF is a file that can be opened in that case.