An interview with Choi Jung

Recently I interviewed Choi Jung, an up and coming player who just won the 13th Female Myeongin title in Korea.

15 year old, Choi Jung (1 dan, Female Myeongin).

I also commented the final game between Choi Jung and Kim Miri earlier.

Here’s what Choi had to say:

An Younggil: Hello Jung, do you remember me? I saw you studying at Yu Changhyeok’s dojo before I came to Australia.

Choi Jung: Yes, I do.

First of all, congratulations on taking the Female Myeongin title. How do you feel about it?


Oh, you must be happy for sure. What else do you want to say about it?

Hmm, I’m starting a new phase in my Baduk (Go) career.

That’s good. I agree with you. By the way, what do you do to study Baduk?

I study Baduk from 9:00am to 9:00pm every day. I play some practice games with other pros, and study all aspects of Baduk at Choong-Am Dojo.

Choong-Am Dojo was established in 2010. It’s located beside Choong-Am high school, which is very famous for Baduk in Korea. More than 110 pro players are from this school, including Lee Changho.

In 2010, three big dojos were merged to establish this new dojo. Lots of pros and inseis are studying here.

What’s the most important part of your study schedule?

Playing games and solving life and death problems.

How would you describe your style of play?

Fighting style. It’s because I’m confident at fighting, but I’m not good enough at other aspects of the game.

Rui Naiwei (9 dan, left) plays Choi Jung (1 dan) in the 5th Kisung final.

Who’s your role model?

Rui Naiwei! There’re so many things to learn from her. I respect her for her desire, enthusiasm and attitude towards Baduk.


And who do you think of as your rival?

Male pros.

I see. I understand that.

Yoshida Mika (8 dan, left) plays Choi Jung in the 2nd Huang Longshi Cup.

By the way, recently you played a game against Yoshida Mika in the Huang Longshi Cup and there was a rumor that you lost the game because of the differences in the Chinese rules.

Is that true?

No, that’s not true.

I understood the rules, I just lost by half a point in the normal way. The opening was bad for me and the game didn’t go well.

I had a good chance to finish the game in the endgame, but I missed it and lost.

I see. I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s ok. You won your first title! Anyway, what’s your goal in Baduk?

I want to take a major title one day.

I see, but you just took the major title. Oh, you mean the major title for everyone, like the Kuksu?

Yes, I do.

That’s a big goal. I hope you can achieve it in the future.


Could you please introduce yourself to Go fans around the world? They don’t know that much about you, even though you’re a rising star in Korea.

I’m 15 and going to high school this year. I like studying and playing Baduk very much, and my hobby is reading novels. I like the Harry Potter series.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to Go fans overseas?

Hmm, I want you to introduce and teach Baduk to your friends. I’m studying English and I hope to travel and teach Baduk overseas one day.

Thank you so much for your time and for the interview. I’ll be hoping for your dreams to come true.


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Younggil is an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He qualified as a professional in 1997 and won an award for winning 18 consecutive professional matches the following year. After completing compulsory military service, Younggil left Korea in 2008, to teach and promote the game Go overseas. Younggil now lives in Sydney, Australia, and is one of the founders of Go Game Guru. On Friday evenings, Younggil is usually at the Sydney Go Club, where he gives weekly lessons and plays simultaneous games.

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