Jiang Weijie wins 16th LG Cup

On February 15, 2012 Jiang Weijie of China (who will now certainly be promoted from his former rank of 5p) defeated Lee Changho 9p of Korea in the final of the 16th LG Cup.

Jiang takes an early lead

Lee Changho (9 dan, left) plays Jiang Weijie (5 dan) in the 16th LG Cup final.

The final started on February 13 and Lee appeared to have a good game until Jiang ended things suddenly by killing a large white group in the center.

The tournament organizers were kind enough to give the players a day off on February 14 to enjoy Valentine’s Day, but play resumed on the 15th.

An exciting second game

Jiang was burdened with a weak group for most of the second game and it seemed like he might get into trouble against a veteran like Lee. However, Jiang managed the situation well, eventually leaving the players with a close endgame.

Jiang Weijie and Lee Changho play the opening of the second game.

This being Jiang’s first international final and given Lee’s recent resurgence, Lee probably entered the final as the sentimental favorite. But, Jiang was apparently unfazed by both the event and the player.

Jiang Weijie wins the 16th LG Cup

Lee resigned after 232 moves and Jiang won his first international title.

Congratulations Jiang Weijie!

A rare smile from Jiang Weijie, new LG Cup title holder.

Photos: 16th LG Cup final

Games: 16th LG Cup final

Jiang Weijie vs Lee Changho – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Lee Changho vs Jiang Weijie – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. I don’t understand, why Lee , why ………… the second game, Lee slipped both groups…….. T_T

  2. These are very exciting games, especially game 2. I hope that a Mr. An can comment on this one.

    • Younggil said he intends to comment one of them. I’m not sure which one, but probably the second game.

  3. Byung Soo Lee says:

    I love Lee Changho, so I am very sad that he lost, but this Jiang fellow is a world-class player who can beat Gu Li and Kong Jie. In a match between the strongest, someone has to win and someone has to lose. Jiang is very strong. He might be overtaking Gu Li as the strongest Chinese player. I like his attitude, too.

    Nevertheless, I just hope that Lee Changho can get back to the top soon. To my generation, Lee Changho is like a brother we grew up with…

    • Well said Byung Soo. I think a lot of people have a soft spot for Lee Changho. I feel the same way watching Roger Federer in the tennis.

  4. Both are intriguing games. Relatively uneventful, but Lee suddenly loses a group in the first game: why, what went wrong for him, or rather, what was particularly clever of Jiang? In the second game Jiang takes risks, but not too much, it seems. Again Jiang prevails, this time maybe because some cleverness I cannot see but feel. It would be very nice to have both games explained, they are so calm but apparently relentless.

    Kind regards,

    • I heard that Lee Sedol, who was doing a live commentary of game 1, said that the group should’ve lived and that Lee Changho made a misjudgment somewhere. I’m not sure which move exactly.

  5. how sad…..he had the best chance in both

  6. Yesterday the Tygem servers were all full: everyone wanted to see the match! I had to enter the server “China IV” myself to watch it.
    For me it’s exciting to see China challenging Korea’s supremacy. Congrats Jiang Weijie!