Lee Sedol vs Gu Li

An upcoming Go book...

Two of the world’s top Go players – Lee Sedol 9p and Gu Li 9p – will be playing a jubango throughout 2014.

Go Game Guru is working on a Go book containing An Younggil 8p’s commentaries of this ongoing match.

The book will include commentaries on each game of the match, as well as extended discussion on the opening of each game and modern fuseki in general. We intend to make the commentary accessible to players of all levels.

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As this exciting match continues, throughout 2014, we’ll publish news and commentaries of the games on this site.

You can play a part in shaping this book, by asking questions about each game and discussing the games together. Let us know what you want to learn about!

The commentaries in the final book will be greatly expanded, with detailed answers to your questions about each game, extended discussion about the opening and much more.

Or, you can just join us for the ride, follow the match at is happens and get notified as soon as the book’s ready.

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Lee Sedol and Gu Li's match promising to be the most exciting event for Go players in 2014.

Lee Sedol and Gu Li’s match promises to be the most exciting event for Go players in 2014.


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