Lee Sedol vs Gu Li Jubango – Game 4 – Match times and details

Just in case you’ve forgotten, a quick reminder that game 4 of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango takes place tomorrow.

A pivotal game


Lee Sedol 9 dan (left) and Gu Li 9 dan will play game 4 of their 10 game match on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

Lee Sedol 9p currently leads the 10 game match 2-1, but Gu Li 9p is on a three game winning streak against Lee (including games from other events).

Both players will be fighting hard in what promises to be an exciting and pivotal game in the series.

Match time

Tomorrow’s game starts at 9:00 am Korea time, Sunday, April 27.

That means it starts one hour earlier than previous games did, because they were played in China.

For those of you living in other time zones, that’s:

  • 12:00 am, Sunday morning, UTC
  • 8:00 pm, Saturday evening, US Eastern Daylight Time
  • 5:00 pm, Saturday evening, US Pacific Daylight Time
  • 1:00 am, Sunday morning, British Summer Time
  • 2:00 am, Sunday morning, Central European Summer Time, and
  • 10:00 am, Sunday morning, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

An Younggil is in Korea

Coincidentally, An Younggil 8p is currently in Korea for a family event and will be able to review the game live with other pros.

The good news is that this means he’ll be able to analyze the game in detail and will report back on the thoughts of other players, as well as his own.

The bad news is that he can’t simultaneously translate the Baduk TV coverage at Go Game Guru, so there will be no live translation beyond that provided by other viewers this month.

We’re sorry about this and things will return to normal in May.

Baduk TV starts when the game does

Another point worth noting for Baduk TV subscribers is that the Baduk TV Live coverage will start at the same time as the actual game this month, and will finish at 7:00 pm Korea time.

That’s 10 hours of live coverage, which will likely be too much for all but the most hardcore Go fans.

I recommend that you tune in throughout the day at a time that’s minimally disruptive to your normal sleep pattern (we all have jobs).

The commentators will likely go back and review the overall game at various times, while the players are thinking deeply about their moves.

Enjoy the game!

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  1. Hi David,

    thank you for the reminder and the time schedule!

  2. lostbeef says:

    My time zone is GMT+8, so what time will it be here by then?

  3. Marek Jasovsky says:

    I am afraid, you came too late. game has already finished.

  4. David Beard says:

    I received this email on May 1,2014. Would have been nice to receive it before the game.

    • Younggil An says:

      Oh, sorry about that. Next Jubango game will be played on 25 May, so if you visit GGG a few days before, you’ll see the news. 🙂

  5. Thank you David for covering up the beginning of the 10 games Li vs. Sedol. Let see who from China or Korea will be the winner 🙂