Moon Dowon on 3 game streak in 9th Jeongganjang Cup

The 9th Jeongganjang Cup started on January 8th, 2011 in Hangzhou, China. The 1st round was between Aoki Kikuyo (8 dan) of Japan vs. Moon Dowon (2 dan) of Korea.

Moon Dowon vanquishes Aoki Kikuyo

Aoki Kikuyo (left) vs Moon Dowon

Aoki opened the game with the Low Chinese fuseki. Moon answered it with a new fashion in this fuseki, keima enclosure against black low stone.

Aoki later played a dangerous combination and Moon found a good combination at move 142 and 144 and successfully trapped black’s weak group at the left side and eventually killed them. Aoki resigned at move 220.


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Lu Jia struggles under time pressure

Lu Jia (2 dan)

The 2nd round was between Moon Dowon vs. Lu Jia (2 dan) of China on January 9th, 2011. The opening of the second game was casual. Lu Jia who played white started the fight at move 62. Lu Jia gained a lot of advantages in the middle game, but she made big mistakes at countdown time. Moon found the wining combination at move 185, and killed 2 white groups. Finally, Moon won the game with 18.5 points.


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Moon Dowon holds on in a tough game with Chinen Kaori

The 3rd round was between Moon Dowon vs. Chinen Kaori (4 dan) of Japan on January 10th, 2011. Chinen is a famous Japanese Go player, and she won 3 consecutive games in the 4th Jeongganjang Cup.

Chinen Kaori (left) vs Moon Dowon

Chinen who played the game very fast in the opening portion, and started the fight at move 37. Although Chinen had some advantages during the fight, she could not kill white. Both players made a lot of mistakes during the game. Chinen put a lot of efforts in a group, and she was not able to catch up the speed of Moon at the final stage. Finally, Moon won the game with 10.5 points.

The 19 years’ old Korean player was very happy after 3 consecutive wins. Moon becomes the 11th consecutive winner in Jeongganjang Cup history. She expected to meet Chinese player Song Ronghui (5 dan) or Li He (3 dan) in the 4th round, who she have never played with.


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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