Myongji University Baduk (Go) Studies course welcomes foreign students

[This is a guest article by Professor Daniela Trinks from Myongji University.]

Myongji University Baduk Studies

The Department of Baduk (Go) Studies at Myongji University in Korea was founded in 1997, as the pioneering academic center offering Baduk studies as a major.


The Department of Baduk Studies at Myongji University.


Twice a year, students enroll for the Bachelor course (four years long, or two years for transfer students), Masters course (two years) or Ph.D. course (three years).

Recently, the number of foreign students in the graduate school has increased. Most of them play Go at a high amateur (dan level) or even professional level, although that is not an entry requirement.

The Department is expected to host more foreign graduate students than Korean students come September 2015. This includes students from China, Turkey, Malaysia and the Netherlands.


Classes are conducted mainly in Korean (and very occasionally in English); however, assignments, exams and theses may be written in English.

Those who lack basic Korean language proficiency are advised to take advantage of free Korean language courses online and/or take Korean classes after arriving.


Applications and scholarships

Interested applicants should investigate Myongji University’s scholarship programs and the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). The latter covers tuition (including language study), flights to Korea and provides a monthly stipend.

So far, four applicants have been selected to enjoy its benefits. The KGSPs for the graduate and undergraduate programs do not run concurrently.

The KGSP deadline for the graduate program is March 27th, 2015 (note: Korea time may be ahead of your time zone and you need to send your application by snail mail – don’t miss out because you were too late). Undergraduate applicants have until September 2015 to apply. See the 2015 Korean Government Scholarship Program Guideline for more information.

Those who don’t fulfill the requirements for the KGSP may apply to Myongji University in May or November.


Further information

For further information on Baduk Studies at Myongji University and/or the scholarship programs, please contact Prof. Daniela Trinks: [email protected]


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