Introducing new, affordable Go equipment (plus, why we’ve changed our pricing)

You may have noticed that we’ve recently added some new equipment to our store and adjusted some of our prices.

We’ve received quite a lot questions about this, so I thought I should write a quick post to explain these changes.

New, affordable Go equipment

The Featherweight Go Set, among the lightest full size Go sets you can find anywhere, saves you money on shipping.

The Featherweight Go Set, among the lightest full size Go sets you can find anywhere, saves you money on shipping.

We’re very excited that most of our new equipment has finally been unpacked.

With a typhoon in Asia and the US government shutdown (which delayed things at customs), we thought it would never arrive!

The new gear includes a much requested folding Go board, the Dirt Cheap Go Set and an ultra light Go set (which can be shipped cheaply to anywhere in the world).

At the other end of the spectrum, we also have some cheaper kaya Go boards and sample packs for slate and shell Go stones.

We’re still in the process of adding all the new stock (and some new books) to our store and updating the site, so keep an eye out as new products become available over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please check out our new Go sets.

New prices and shipping rates

When we first added equipment to our shop last year, we offered free worldwide shipping with the aim of making Go equipment affordable for everyone around the globe.

However, recently shipping rates have been increasing. To make things more complicated, shipping rates to some regions have increased a lot more than to others.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to add shipping locations in some regions as quickly as we would have liked. So we’ve been forced to change our shipping policy to remain viable.

This is disappointing, but necessary at this time. We’re no longer offering free shipping on our lower end Go equipment.

However, we’re still committed to making Go equipment as affordable as possible and providing the best value shipping options we can find. Because of this, we’ve reduced prices to compensate for taking away free shipping, so that net prices will be in the same ballpark as before.

Because our business has grown since we first started the store, and we’ve increased our economies of scale, we’ve also been able to reduce prices slightly across the board, as we’ve made savings.

How does this affect you?

More Go equipment

First and foremost, there will be more Go equipment to choose from!

Similar value

In terms of prices, if you live near one of our warehouses, you’ll pay slightly less than before. If you live very far away, you may pay slightly more. For most of you, the total price (including shipping) shouldn’t increase.

Bigger savings on combined shipping

More importantly, you’ll now be able to save much more on shipping when you bundle products (like buying a complete Go set, or combining books and equipment in one order), or combine orders with friends.

This is a fairer system. We want to ensure you’ll only pay what you have to, and no more, when you order from Go Game Guru.

Previously some customers combined several items in one order, while others were ordering a series of individual items over several weeks which, while we understand is sometimes necessary, did put a lot of strain on the system.

Greater flexibility to choose delivery speed

You now have more control over the shipping carrier you want to use. Our store will automatically find you the best shipping prices for different service levels (e.g. standard ground/air, two day, express etc).

This means you can choose an economy shipping option to save money, if you don’t mind waiting a week or so, or you can upgrade to express shipping more easily (without having to contact us) if you’re buying a last minute gift, or want to receive something before you go on vacation.

More to come

Our aim is still to make Go equipment as affordable and as widely available as possible and we hope you’ll find that our new, affordable Go sets are another step in the right direction.

We’ll continue to offer better value by reducing unnecessary costs, expanding to more shipping locations and seeking out the best value shipping carriers to use in each region.

Currently we ship from the USA, Europe (UK), Asia (Hong Kong and Korea) and Australia. We’re planning to add Canada as a shipping location in 2014 and, hopefully, more will follow after that.

If you have more questions, please see our FAQ page or leave a comment below.

About Jing

Jing likes writing, and can occasionally be convinced to play a game of Go. Even though she doesn't play Go as often as she once did, she still enjoys following the professional Go scene and writing about it on Go Game Guru.

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  1. This is seriously a huge step forward for the go community. Thank you so much for being able to provide products that have been missing from the market for so long now!

    • Thanks Ben. Finding cheaper sets has always been difficult in the West, particularly outside of the US. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for people looking for their first Go set!

  2. This makes me want to start a go club up this minute. These options are fantastic. Very exciting!

  3. So I have a quick random question: at our Go club, we occasionally phantasize about getting a big magnetic demonstration board for lessons, game reviews etc. Do you have any idea where to get a hold of those, or are there any plans to include those in your product catalogue?

    • Younggil An says:

      Thanks for your question.
      Yes, we’re planing to include the demonstration board in our catalogue as well. At the moment, the shipping is hard or very expensive because the board set is pretty big, but I’ll soon let you know when you can buy them.

    • Hi Martin,

      The expensive part of the shipping is the board because it is so big. There area few ways to get around this.

      If you have a magnetic white board, you can draw or tape some lines on it and we can organize a special order for magnetic stones. Stones are quite compact and reasonable to ship.

      Another option is to make it all yourself. David and I once made a display board out of felt and velcro with adhesive backing. (The lines were velcro.) We also made some ‘stones’ out of black and white felt (again, with velcro). It was quite effective and very light to carry around!

  4. Will the go “board” in the featherweight set be purchasable without the stones? It looks like a nice portable board that you can just leave in the bag and take it always with you and can last for some time. Im sure quite some people would be interested in something like that but already have stones for outdoor usage like I do.

    • Younggil An says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. That’ll be possible, and I’ll soon let you know when it’s ready for you to buy.

  5. Availibility of equipment is always important, I remember how difficult it was for me to get my first go set, some 40 years ago: I ended up with a rather cheap set from a special Chinese store, I guess it was meant for kids, as the stones and board were tiny. In the end price was not the problem: I wanted a nice table top board and top quality stones and bowls. After a while I could afford a rather expensive set, but I figured out it would last a lifetime, and go was important to me, so why not?

    Cheap sets should be great for clubs, as material may get lost over time. But I wonder: if not for the social event, isn’t the future for computers and the internet, playing go from home? Even replaying games, I don’t use my set that often anymore, replaying from the Go Game Guru or the go4go site is so much easier. So, quite literally, how does the future of go look like?

    Kind regards,

    • Anonymous says:

      I always recommended that our college club officers keep a set at home. I think it’s better for replaying games and studying joseki from books. You can find why some moves aren’t joseki. Placing even cheap physical stones discourages thoughtlessly clicking thorough sequences and encourages experimentation, which is important for young people. I also prefer teaching beginners on a physical board, which is why I also give the officers 9×9