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Weekly Go problems: Week 66


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Focus on the whole capturing race, rather than small gains. Intermediate Go problem: Beyond seeking the strongest moves in the corner, you want to look for moves that harmonize with the overall position. Hard Go problem: Strange things happen at the 1-2 point.

Lee Sedol’s Olleh KT Cup hat trick


On November 23, 2012, Lee Sedol proved, once again, that he’s still got it, by defeating Choi Cheolhan 3-1 in the final of the 3rd Olleh KT Cup. This year is Lee’s Olleh KT Cup hat trick, and his three consecutive Olleh KT wins make him the tournament’s only winner so far!

Weekly Go problems: Week 65


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This is an unusual technique that pins both parts of white’s group simultaneously. Intermediate Go problem: When your splitting attack lacks power, push the groups closer together, and then split them… Hard Go problem: At first glance, black looks dead…

Go Commentary: Chen Yaoye vs Choi Cheolhan – 16th China Korea Tengen


This is a commentary of the second game of the 16th China Korea Tengen, between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Chen Yaoye (9p). Chen Yaoye won the first game and this was a best of three match, so Choi had to win this game to stay in the competition. The game was full of interesting tesuji, many of which you normally only find in tesuji books. So it’s a great game to review to learn more about tesuji in practical play.

Weekly Go problems: Week 64


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: If white makes a solid chain of stones it will be hard to capture them. Intermediate Go problem: Making two eyes isn’t the only way to live. Hard Go problem: If you consider the possibilities, you’ll find a double threat where two variations overlap.

They’re back! Lee Sedol and Gu Li proceed to 17th Samsung Cup final


On November 12 and 14, 2012, Lee Sedol of Korea and Gu Li of China ensured an early finish to the 17th Samsung Cup semifinals, both defeating their opponents 2-0. Choi Cheolhan looked decidedly uncomfortable during his games against Lee. Park Junghwan, who couldn’t overcome Gu this time, still has the Ing Cup final to look forward to…

Yamashita Keigo wins 37th Meijin


On November 12 and 13, 2012, almost three months after the title match started, Yamashita finally grasped the decisive game and successfully defended his Meijin title for the first time. As if trying to prove a point, Yamashita started a severe attack around move 60 and skilfully carried the momentum from one attack to another, winning convincingly in just 138 moves…

Weekly Go problems: Week 63


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: By sacrificing a stone you can save black’s two corner stones. Intermediate Go problem: One of the keys to attacking is doing it in a way that makes resistance difficult. Hard Go problem: There’s a key point in the corner that saves white in almost every variation.

Gangnam Style hopes reignited as Won Punch sizes up against a tiger: 17th LG Cup


On November 7, 2012, the 17th LG Cup semifinals concluded with Won Seongjin (9p) and Shi Yue (5p) proceeding to the final. One question on everyone’s mind is, does Won’s promise to dance Gangnam style if he wins (in the Samsung Cup) also apply to the LG Cup?

Li He wins her first international title: 3rd Bingsheng Cup


On October 30, 2012, 16 female pros and amateurs gathered at Qionglong Mountain in Suzhou, China to take part in the 3rd Bingsheng Cup. On November 3, 2012, Li He of China won the championship, after 4 rounds of play…