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Go Commentary: Xie Erhao vs Li Kang – 1st Bailing Cup


This game is from the quarter finals of the 1st Bailing Cup. It’s between Li Kang and Xie Erhao. Xie Erhao was born in 1998, and became a pro in 2011. This is Xie’s first international tournament, but he already beat Yamashita Keigo from Japan and Kim Hyunchan from Korea before this game.

Last 16 in the 17th Samsung Cup


After all the excitement over the last few days, the group stage of the 17th Samsung Cup finally concluded on September 6, 2012. 16 players progressed to the knockout phase. As you already know, Gu Li (9p) and Lee Sedol (9p) made it through Group F after quite a bit of drama…

Weekly Go problems: Week 54


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Making your eyespace as wide as you safely can is one of the fundamentals of making life. Intermediate Go problem: Even if your plan doesn’t seem to work, you should look for ways to gain a move. Hard Go problem: Assess the status of each group, and then decide where to play.

Quadruple ko in the group of death: 17th Samsung Cup


On September 4, 2012, the group stage of the 17th Samsung Cup kicked off with much excitement and fanfare. On September 5, 2012, most of the attention was on Lee Sedol and Gu Li as they faced off in their 29th encounter. Sparks flew as Lee and Gu’s iron wills clashed and a quadruple ko formed…

Vogue interviews Xie Yimin


Recently the fashion house Chanel has been sponsoring a series of interviews of various artists for Vogue Taiwan. One of the artists they interviewed was the current Japanese women’s Honinbo Meijin, Xie Yimin (6p). Here’s an edited video of the interview…

Commented Games by Lee Sedol: Now available in English – Worldwide


Thanks to the excellent work of Daniela Trinks from Baduktopia, Volume One of Commented Games by Lee Sedol is available in English for the first time. The book contains over 300 pages of some of the most detailed and insightful Go commentary ever seen in English, as well as plenty of background material on Lee’s life and career, and his thoughts about many aspects of Go…

Weekly Go problems: Week 53


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Imagine white’s just played A. What’s the best shape to defend your group? Intermediate Go problem: Black’s five cutting stones are important. Can you save them? Hard Go problem: Black can be resurrected, but you’ll need a little magic.

Meng Tailing’s breakthrough: Winner of the 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup


On August 28, 2012, Meng Tailing and Tuo Jiaxi met as the last two standing in China’s 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup. Prior to this game, Tuo and Meng had only met in two previous tournaments, and the record stood at one win each. Despite a higher ranking, Meng probably entered the final as the underdog…

Go Commentary: Shi Yue vs Lee Sedol – 17th LG Cup


This game is the from the second round of the 17th LG Cup main tournament, played by Lee Sedol and Shi Yue. Lee Sedol is currently rated number 2 in Korea (behind Park Junghwan (9p), but when this game was played, he was number 1. Shi Yue’s name is not yet very familiar, but he’s rated number 5 in China…

13 year old Xie Erhao youngest semifinalist at 1st Bailing Cup


On August 23, 2012, as the inaugural Bailing Cup names its semifinalists, China has already started celebrating with a guaranteed all China final. Park Junghwan, Korea’s last man standing, fell to one China’s highest rated players, Zhou Ruiyang. The other three semifinalists are…