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Baek Hongseok wins 4th BC Card Cup

On May 16, 2012, much to the delight of Korean Go fans, Baek Hongseok defeated Dang Yifei of China to win the 4th BC Card Cup 3 games to 1. Congratulations to Baek Hongseok on his first major international win and Dang Yifei on his impressive performance in reaching the finals.

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Park Younghun – 4th BC Card Cup

This is a game between Park Younghun and Dang Yifei from the quarter finals of the 4th BC Card Cup. Park Younghun’s ranked number 3 in Korea. On the other hand, Dang Yifei is a new face. He was ranked number 54 in China before this tournament, but he beat Lee Sedol and Tan Xiao before this game. Lee and Tan are number one in Korea and China respectively.

4th BC Card Cup finals about to begin!

Korea’s lone rider, Baek Hongseok, is still on his horse in the 4th BC Card Cup. On May 9, 2012 Baek defeated China’s Hu Yaoyu to reach the final. The following day, China’s Dang Yifei defeated fellow countryman Piao Wenyao, to join Baek in the finals. Dang has had a dream run at this year’s tournament, beating Lee Sedol and Park Younghun along the way.

Weekly Go problems: Week 37

Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: First things first. It’s important to figure out whether you’re trying to kill or trying to live. Intermediate Go problem: White’s cut of some black stones, but there’s a crucial flaw in white’s shape. Can you find it? Hard Go problem: Take your time and find the vital points. You could easily make a mistake by rushing here.

Top 20 Go Players: Lee Sedol and Kong Jie

This is the final article in our series about the top 20 Go players of 2010. Lee Sedol was ranked number 1 and Kong Jie was ranked number 2. Kong Jie was born in 1982 and became a pro in 1994. He suddenly became perfect and unbeatable in 2009 and 2010. Lee Sedol was born in 1983, on a small island in the south west part of Korea…

Lee Sedol wins 17th GS Caltex Cup

Lee Sedol defeated Park Younghun in the 5th and deciding game of the 17th GS Caltex Cup finals, on May 6, 2012. Lee won the first game on April 25, but Park responded by winning games 2 and 3 on April 30 and May 1, making Lee’s fans nervous…

4 in a row: Chen Yaoye wins 26th Tianyuan title

On May 4, 2012, the 26th Tianyuan concluded with Chen Yaoye (9p) defeating Zhou Hexi (4p) to win the title for the fourth consecutive year. Tianyuan is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Tengen title. Later this year, Chen will face the Chunwon winner in the annual China Korea Tengen playoff, which he also won last year.

Weekly Go problems: Week 36

Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Sometimes you need to play in a way that prevents your partner from sacrificing stones. Intermediate Go problem: It looks like white A was a bit too greedy. Time to school white. Hard Go problem: Don’t be seduced by the obvious. Ask the relevant questions first…

Watch Baduk TV for free for a limited time

I just want to let all Go Game Guru readers know that, due to the generosity of Baduk TV in Korea, the live stream of Baduk TV will be available for free for a little while. Probably until July. Baduk TV felt that Go players outside of Korea might not know who they are and wanted to give everyone a chance to see their programs.

Weekly Go problems: Week 35

Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: You can probably see how you’re going to make an eye already, but think about your move order too. Intermediate Go problem: In a symmetrical situation, play on the point of symmetry… Hard Go problem: There are only a few choices and it looks obvious, but be wary of shooting from the hip.