Park Junghwan and Tang Weixing proceed to 8th Ing Cup final

2016 is divisible by four, which means only one thing to Go fans – forget the Olympics, it’s an Ing Cup year!

The semifinals of the 8th Ing Cup were held in Wuhan, China from June 10 to 14, 2016.

Shi Yue vs Tang Weixing

China’s Tang Weixing 9p and Shi Yue 9p vied desperately for a coveted spot in the final.

Tang Weixing 9 dan (left) takes on Shi Yue 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Tang Weixing 9 dan (left) takes on Shi Yue 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Why desperately? Tang and Shi are both members of China’s ‘post-1990 one hit wonders club‘, a group of young professionals born after 1990 who have ‘only’ won a single international title.

So far, Ke Jie 9p is the only one in this cohort who has shaken off this somewhat dubious honor.

Lee Sedol vs Park Junghwan

Meanwhile Korea’s Park Junghwan 9p faced fellow countryman, Lee Sedol 9p in the other semifinal match.

Lee Sedol 9 dan (left) and Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Lee Sedol 9 dan (left) and Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Park was looking to go one up on his result from four years ago, when he finished as runner-up to Fan Tingyu 9p.

Lee Sedol 9 dan, aiming to expand his trophy cabinet.

Lee Sedol 9 dan, aiming to expand his trophy cabinet.

Lee, who has won just about every other international title multiple times, was aiming to add a trophy he didn’t already have to his collection.

After two days of play, both matches were tied at 1–1.

Tang proved too strong for Shi, and Park defeated Lee to reach his second consecutive Ing Cup final.

When is the Ing Cup final?

The finals will be played as a best of five match in Beijing, China.

The first two games be played on August 10 and 12, 2016. The remaining games will be played on October 23, 25 and 26, 2016.

Earlier rounds

The first two rounds and quarter finals were played earlier this year, from April 20 to 24. Full results are listed below:

Round 1

Kang Dongyun 9 dan (left) giving Qiu Jun 9 dan apoplexy at the 8th Ing Cup.

Kang Dongyun 9 dan (left) giving Qiu Jun 9 dan apoplexy at the 8th Ing Cup.

Round 2

  • Shi Yue defeated Fan Tingyu 9p (seeded, defending champion)
  • Kono Rin defeated Park Younghun
  • Tang Weixing defeated Hane Naoki
  • Kim Jiseok defeated Mi Yuting
  • Kang Dongyun defeated Won Seongjin
  • Lee Sedol defeated Lin Lixiang
  • Ke Jie defeated Wang Yuanjun, and
  • Park Junghwan 9p (seeded) defeated Huang Yunsong.

Quarter finals

Ke Jie 9 dan in a disappointing defeat by Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup

Ke Jie 9 dan in a disappointing defeat by Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup

  • Shi Yue defeated Kono Rin
  • Tang Weixing defeated Kim Jiseok
  • Lee Sedol defeated Kang Dongyun, and
  • Park Junghwan defeated Ke Jie.

The Ing Cup

The Ing Cup is the oldest continuous international Go tournament for professionals.

It started in 1988, just after the inaugural (and now defunct) Fujitsu Cup, and is held every four years, coinciding with the Summer Olympics.

The format is a 30 player knockout with the defending champion and former runner-up seeded into the second round. Previous iterations of the tournament saw more players seeded into the second round.

The semifinals are played as best of 3 matches, and the final is a best of 5 match.

The tournament uses the Ing Rules, which were designed by Ing Chang-ki. Ing Rules have some unique aspects.

Game records

Lee Sedol vs Park Junghwan – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Park Junghwan vs Lee Sedol – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Park Junghwan vs Lee Sedol – Game 3


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Tang Weixing vs Shi Yue – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Shi Yue vs Tang Weixing – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Tang Weixing vs Shi Yue – Game 3


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Great article Jing , i really missed new articles here . I’m a bit sad for Lee sedol but happy for park junghwan ^^

    • Thanks! Things have been a bit hectic but we’re starting to get back into the swing of things.

  2. helo Jing, i don’t know if it just my delusion but i hope i can get some insight about this curiosity of mine. After the game of AlphaGo and Lee Sedol it seem most Pro are playing more freely and it seem many variation come out recently, which it make things very interesting to watch. i hope i get some answer about this. thanks in advance

    • bobiscool says:

      To be honest, pros are researching new moves all the time. What might look “free” and new might actually be sequences they’ve researched a while ago.

      But it is true that they started trying other things since AlphaGo.

      • i agree with you its been really exciting to watch pro games recently as before AlphaGo, i always saw the same joseki played in at least 3 or 4 board when there is a live game in Tygem but after AlphaGo it seems almost each board have at least a new move that been played so i kinda feel very excited…..=D

    • The Chinese media commented on this too!

      • wow!! i thought it was just my delusion… but i hope i can read an article about a topic about this change of style by pro recently….

  3. I was really impressed with some of the games Tang Weixing played. I wasn’t familiar with him before. This is the one game he lost to Shi Yue, but the opening was so unusual (to me anyway) that it made the game very interesting to me. I’d love to see a commentary:

  4. Thank you for the report!

    Someone could tell me why in game 2 Shi Yue plays Q3 instead of R1, move 223?I cannot understand why, looks like he can capture without Ko or create a better ko?

  5. Kellin Pelrine says:

    Because then white N1, and after several capture/recapture, if black makes the ko with Q3 his 4 stones will be already in atari. Plus white will take first.

  6. Yes, I also thought is was because of N1, but after checking a while I think it is not a problem. Maybe is because getting the sente is more important or is the safest way to win, but not quite sure.

  7. Yay! It’s good to see articles back. Go Game Guru s my favorite go page and I read all of your articles. Thanks for posting them.

  8. confused says:

    I don’t understand the comment about the apoplexy made in the caption of one of the photos. Please explain.

  9. Gil Dogon says:

    Game 3 of Shi vs Tang had a bit of a quiet opening, but ended in a spectacular fight !

    Tang’s nose tesuji at D10 as the final blow was quite a breathtaking move ….

  10. Roland California says:

    2016 Predictions:
    Ing cup: Tang’s (65% chance), Park (35%)
    Samsung: Ke’s (60%), Tang (30%)
    LG: Park’s (60%), Shin (30%).
    Bailing: Ke’s (50%), Park (30%)

    What do you guys think?

  11. Hi! I was wondering if Younggil could make an article about pro earning system since he is one. Most of us only know of the huge tournament prize winnings but I think many of us would like to know finer details like the cash prize per normal match just for participating and also for winning. There isn’t much info on the web. Is this something that Hangug Kiwon doesnt allow to be revealed?

  12. Hallo Go Game Guru! How are you?

    You were a wonderful site about go, with high quality game comments, news and interesting problems. Were, not are.

    Your latest article is more than 2 months ago, you hardly answer any questions: you make it very hard for your fans to stay enthousiastic about your site, and your performance. I almost would say: SHAME ON YOU, lack of communication, leaving everybody in the cold, is not a mature and serious attitude. Instead of that I say, shout to you: PLEASE, WAKE UP, take your responsibility towards your fans, at least be clear what you plan to do.

    You think we don’t deserve an explanation, some follow-up after many successful years? You would be wrong: even if we don’t pay, we deserve to be treated in a decent way.

    So please, MAN UP (WOMAN UP), decide what to do and tell us. From the bottom of my heart, PLEASE, PICK UP THE GOOD WORK!

    You may think this harsh? Yes, it is meant so, this is intended as a wake-up call.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Paul,

      you might want to have a look at this

    • Hello paul,
      Usually i never do this but this time i think you went a bit too far. I see your posts on many websites and usually you seem nice.
      It seems they have some troubles so please be patient and not mean. Luckly we have kim myeongwhan 9p from korea on aga channel for study high level stuff.
      You can also check my channel ( kirina baduk dojang) , i made some videos with a friend. Maybe you will like.
      Everyone is waiting for GGG so this kind of comments are not helping.
      Hope you understand.

    • Paul

      You are symptomatic for the spoiled internet community that seems to think services are granted for free and you have the right to intellectual stimulation to be offered by others for free.
      No wonder those giving to the community give up after a while. They have to make a living too, you know and they don’t expect to be insulted when they stop providing free service for a while.
      Tell me: what have YOU done for the internet go community, other than barking at the most generous people I know?


      • Hi Dieter,

        I was one of the leaders of a local go club for about ten years, made some contributions for the Dutch go magazine over the years. As a professional I made sure I was good for my word, and that my words were good: this provided for a healthy income. Satisfied? What do you do, by the way, are you Dutch too?

        As far as having an opinion about services delivered, I feel free to say so. I don’t care whether they are free or not, being free doesn’t mean that one has to accept sloppiness. You don’t like my opinion? That’s OK.

        In the meantime I hope those providing the Go Game Guru service start to perform at top level again soon. I am quite sure you hope so too.

        Kind regards,

        • I’m not Dutch.
          Good to hear you did something for the community

          Myself I founded a club and presided my country’s fed for a couple of years; I’ve been a free commenter on the now defunct GTL and have been admin and contributor on the now asleep SL.

          Despite that, our attitude is obviously very different. GGG offered high quality articles free of charge. I bought Relentless, partly out of gratitude but definitely out of genuine interest. If the book were bad, I might complain. It’s fantastic and I’ve let the authors know.

          Me too I deplore the site’s current fate but what I feel is a mixture of pity and hope, not anger or disappointment. How on earth can you say words like those and how can you even think this will make a positive difference.

          Anyway, neither will these words of mine.

          All the best to everybody, providers and lurkers.

  13. Hello GGG,

    I dont know if you will read this post, but i would like to say thank you for all your excellent work . I know sometimes some people seems mean ( some of them are really mean) but please dont forget all huge fans of your work.
    Take the time you need for fix everything. We miss your work.
    Thank u very much

  14. Hello Frédéric,

    Let’s not make it about words, my intention was not to be mean, but to be harsh: based on the (lack of) information that I have, what I see that is (not) happening here, I feel I had both the obligation and the right to write what I did, speaking my mind, as I am invited to do. My messages on the Facebook page of Go Game Guru were left unanswered.

    Is this site just a hobby, where sometimes something happens, and most of the time not? Fine, it will become a failure, and good luck to all. Is this site about promoting go in a meaningful way? Great, what happened until about half a year ago was first class, and then, I am sorry to say so, it was way below par: someone has to say so, hopefully to stimulate to pick up the good work again. Are there problems? I was not told about them, we were not told here at the site, except that there was a lot of work as a follow-up of the Lee – AlphaGo match. To me, that is no reason to stop showing some part of the publications once in a while on a higher level than happened the last half year. I think results count, and patting over the head is not the way to stop deterioration.

    I can assure you I am nice enough, but here some action seemed necessary to me, there weren’t many alternative ways. Whether it helps? It would be nice if the good old days of Go Game Guru became a reality again in a week or so.

    Kind regards,

  15. Roland California says:

    Predictions after watching the latest Ing cup and Bailing matches:

    Ing cup: Tang’s (65% chance), Park (35%)
    Same % as before, Tang was clearly leading in 1st game, occupying 3 sides of the board. He then relaxed too much. From the game contents, Tang could have been 2:0.

    Samsung: Ke’s (50%), Tang (45%)
    LG: Park’s (50%), Shin (40%).
    Bailing: Ke’s (55%), Chen (25%), Shin (20%).
    ChunLan: Ke’s (40%), Mi (30%), Shin (30%).
    Shin seems to be playing stronger in big games, just like Tang 🙂

    What do you guys think?

  16. I’m looking forward to a possible Ke – Shin clash. Shin is quite a new star, doing about as well as Ke in 2015. It would be interesting to see these how these two young players handle each other, both are capable to go all out and play very complex games.

    Kind regards,

  17. Hello guys,
    I tend to be a lurker on websites like this but have to speak my mind.
    Thank you for your direct words Paul, they were in no way harsh. Just an honest opinion.
    I am also very sad about this sites deterioration. I really enjoyed all the articles and enjoyed joining in on the “Play Go in public”-day.
    At least a short post about discontinuing work or something similar would have been mandatory, especially after all the good service you delivered. Now all your previous effort feels kinda shallow :(.

    I hope you guys are well and succeed in your book and other new interests.

    Kind regards,

  18. I’m really puzzled that lurkers who neither put money nor time into GGG and simply benefit from what flies free of charge into their mouth, accuse it that harshly out of disappointment. The guys from GGG are certainly not sleeping, so wake up calls won’t help. The problems lie elsewhere. Also you’re not their mother. Give them some slack and be grateful for what they did, especially if you’re disappointed by the silence now. If you want to support them, buy relentless. Scolding them doesn’t increase the chance that the service resumes. Not one bit. To the contrary.

    • Hi Philipp,

      This internet site is meant for people like you and me, not paying a dime (I just assume you don’t pay…), the sole purpose being to inform us on go. I contributed quite a few times in the best way I could, commenting on games, asking questions, all to make this a lively site, as far as a visitor can do. We come here because go is important to us, and we like what we get. And what we got was great, us (me) being disappointed with the demise of this site thus is normal. How to express it? Without ill feelings towards the people involved, I did it my way.

      Are you part of the inner circle of Go Game Guru? Stating that the problems lay elsewhere without mentioning them is puzzling, how can you offer help and encouragement when you don’t know what is happening? This is a delicate point, as one doesn’t want to pry into private matters.

      What really irks me is, that while situation is going on for a while, including these comments of the last few weeks, no reaction is to be seen by the Go Game Guru staff: no explanation, however short, no reaction to well meant concerns, not only mine. It is easy enough for a visitor to think: oh well, one site down the drain, let’s go to the next one; never expressing any kind of personal involvement. Those writing here show their commitment, however clumsy maybe, and I think we deserve some kind of information, even if this means to swallow some kind of pride. There is no need to be a paying customer or a mom to voice some concern, this is the modern day of the internet, an not even anonimous visitor (in this case even more than a nameless lurker) may do so as long as it is polite. For a Dutchman, I am quite polite.

      Again, let’s hope Go Game Guru returns to its previous prestige rather soon.

      Kind regards,

  19. Is this site still active?

    • Dieter Verhofstadt says:

      We don’t know. None of us understand or know why GGG is not responding, not even to the most supportive messages and not even a notice of rest/end. It’s truly worrysome.

  20. Roland California says:

    Bailing cup final is starting in 1 hour 🙂

    Earlier, I predicted:
    Bailing: Ke’s (55%), Chen (25%), Shin (20%).

    Ke’s (65%), Chen (35%)

    Ke has been in 7 semifinals, 3 finals and won all.
    He is a big time player, just like Tang.
    So I think he will win 3:2.
    Let’s see…

    Chen did beat Park and Shin 2:0.
    He seems got much stronger after getting married; why? 😉

  21. Does anybody know if the shop still works?

  22. The store still works. Prompt shipping.

  23. Roland California says:

    The Ing cup finals are about to start!

    Ing cup: Tang’s (65% chance), Park (35%)
    Same % as before, Tang was clearly leading in 1st game, occupying 3 sides of the board. He then relaxed too much. From the game contents, Tang could have been 2:0.

    Tang plays much stronger in big games
    Park often shrink in 2nd half of the year, especially in Finals.

    Samsung: Ke’s (70%), Fan Yunruo’s (30%)
    Bailing: Chen’s (65%), Ke (35%)

    What do you guys think?

    • When the cat isn’t home, the mice dance. This is the feeling I get when posting here under the latest thread of this site.

      My clear favourites are Tang and Ke because of their playing style, but that doesn’t mean they will win. To me Tang – Park is about 50-50. I have the feeling Ke might overcome Chen, although him being 2-0 down. The most interesting to me will be the Ke – Fan encounter, Fan is sky rocketing in the rankings, anything seems possible between these youngsters: very exciting!

      Kind regards,

  24. 6 months after the last news, i am really starting to worry about GGG team. I sincerely hope nothing dramatic occurs.
    The smallest sign will be enough…

    Kind regards,

  25. The Ing cup final Final just started!

    I thought Tang’s chance are 80% with white, 60% with black.
    Tang plays much stronger in huge games; these stimulate him.
    Park often shrink in the finals; the pressure is likely get to him.
    Also he can not attack very strongly.

    What do you guys think?

    • My thinking came too late, the result is known right now: Tang won the last two games, so he won the Ing Cup! Good to him, I think the games were relatively quiet, in the Park style, but Tang won them. Tang really is strong, he should be a bit higher on the ranking list.

      Kind regards,

  26. Roland CA says:

    The Samsung cup is about to start in 16 hours from now! 7 pm California time. Ke vs Lee, Tuo vs. Fan Y.

    Could anyone forward a link for live TV broadcast? not just game records, but showing the human players on TV? that will show in real time their facial expressions and speed. Probably Baduk TV or a Korean TV website has it?
    Thank you!

    • So, it is Ke Jie against Tuo Jiaxi in the final, both won 2-1 against their opponents. The highlight to me was the second Lee – Ke game, what a fantastic sharp fight! Neither lost his cool, in the end Lee was about 5 points ahead. The Ke – Tuo final ahould be interesting, both players enjoy great form.

      Kind regards,

  27. Roland CA says:

    Hi, ShinAu cup has started, $350K. Now Ke vs Tang playing.
    If Ke wins, the odds for winning the cup:
    Ke 40%, Fan Y 30%, Shin 20%

    If Tang wins: Tang 30%, Fan Y 30%, Shin 25%

    Btw, I heard AlphaGo will come out again soon. This time vs. Ke? 🙂
    I think Ke is close to AG strength in March. Now maybe ~10 points behind.
    What do you guys estimate its strength?

  28. Vladimir Levin says:

    Thanks for the updates (Roland, Paul, etc). I hope that the go game guru news updates will come back. David, Jing, and Younggil are such good people. If the updates have gone dormant I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. They wouldn’t do something like this in the absence of truly extraordinary circumstances. I just hope everyone is okay!

  29. Hello,
    Someone knows if the baduk tv (english) program is still running?Im really interested to test it,if ist not available here,can you buy it elsewhere?Im asking because I didnt get any response to my email.

  30. I just came back to GGG after a break. I’m disappointed to see no notification or explanation about this months-long content drought on the front page of the site, or for that matter anywhere else on the site. From the Reddit comment, I gather that the GGG staff are / were somewhat bogged down with distributing PDFs of Relentless and other related tasks. That’s as may be and I wish them the best in getting those things done, but there should be a message on the site imo, even one saying that the news section is getting mothballed / permanently shut down due to lack of time and / or money.

    Thanks to GGG for all the previous content.

  31. Roland CA says:

    Google Deepmind’s Master beats top 20 human players in blitz games. What about regular slow games?

    My guess is that it is about 2 stones or ~10 points ahead of top human players.

    Poor Ke Jie boy, for his upcoming match with Ai.
    It maybe like running against a cheetah;
    or boxing vs. a gorilla 🙂

    What do you guys think?

    • I agree with you, AlphaGo keeps getting stronger and stronger. Right now no human being can beat it, and the gap will get bigger and bigger. Korean pro’s have analyzed the AlphaGo games, some pointers:
      – No new strategies, no new moves, no dazzling tesujis, but AlphaGo makes no mistakes, like overplays. AlphaGo had a winning position within 50 moves.
      – AlphaGo is better at making thickness in the centre, and convert it into points. This to humans is the most difficult part of the game.
      – AlphaGo has superior positional assessment, knows better when to swap, when defending the lead in a safe way is good enough.
      – AlphaGo is sometimes too loose at the endgame, without endangering the win, though.

      Kind regards,

      • Excellent points, Paul. Poor Ke Jie wont have much chance in April matches vs. Deepmind.

        Let’s hope Park, Mi and Iyama have a chance vs. Zen next month.
        In slow games, they should be fine.

        The Nongshim cup just ended. The 2 Fans performed great.
        I think Fan Yunruo will be ranked in top 7 and win a major cup soon. He has defeated Park twice, Shin and Lee recently.

        In 2017, the threat to China may be Shin. He is very young and can learn from computer faster.
        What do you guys think?

        • I don’t know much about Zen, I assume it is weaker than AlphaGo. But ideas about AI are exchanged, the Zen-team will have picked up some pointers to make Zen stronger. The matches in March will be quite revealing, I bet Zen will do just fine.

          China is fully dominating the go scene right now. Korean go is in shambles it seems, I read that most Korean tournaments have been cancelled, as the sponsors lost interest. Maybe because of AlphaGo? Go is in difficulties, as there is no inherent money generating interest by the public, like there is with football or tennis. So either the government jumps in, like in China, or players have to go to China or Japan. Shin is a new star, but does he have enough opponents to develop his skills?

          In my opininion top go has to open up more, and local companies in China, Korea and Japan have to get interested to sponsor smaller tournaments, like in chess. To be viable om the long run, you need 50 top players, and 150 sub top players, the latter are the young ones developping, and the old ones teaching. That might be difficult as the computer will take over the teaching part. So, will go become like football and tennis, in that you retire at 35, having to earn your money in a different way after your go career?

          Kind regards,