Park Junghwan wins 24th Fujitsu Cup

On August 14, 2011, the 24th Fujitsu Cup came to an exciting finish as Park Junghwan 9p of Korea took the title, defeating China’s Qiu Jun 8p.

Park Junghwan (9 dan) wins his first major international title, the Fujitsu Cup.

Park Junghwan’s first major international title

This is Park’s first major international title (he also won last year’s China Korea Tengen Playoff), but at only 18 years of age, it will most certainly be followed by many more.

A new record in the Fujitsu Cup

With this win, Park sets a new record as the youngest player ever to win the presitigious Fujitsu Cup. The previous record was held by Lee Sedol Park Younghun 9p.

However, he has not broken Lee Changho’s 9p record as the youngest player ever to win a world championship title. Lee Changho won the Tongyang Securities Cup at the age of 17.

An exultant Park Junghwan holds the Fujitsu Cup.

A new joseki?

Park played black and the game started with a new corner pattern in the top left. This was followed by fierce fighting with a few rare moments of respite, before fighting resumed.

Qiu Jun (left, 8 dan) and Park Junghwan (9 dan) study the new pattern.

In the later part of the game, the board began to resemble a very large life and death problem. Both players played superbly, but Qiu resigned after 223 moves, making Park the new world champion.

Under Chinese promotion rules, just by reaching this final, Qiu will be promoted to 9 dan.

Congratulations Park Junghwan!

Game record: Park Junghwan vs Qiu Jun


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


More photos from the 24th Fujitsu Cup final

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