Piao Wenyao defeats Chen Yaoye to win 13th Ahan Tongshan Cup

Piao Wenyao 9p was all smiles today, as he received the trophy for defeating Chen Yaoye 9p and winning the 13th Ahan Tongshan Cup (September 20, 2011).

Piao Wenyao (9 dan, facing) and Chen Yaoye (9 dan) concentrate on the game.

The Ahan Tongshan Cup is a lightning tournament in China and is sometimes known as the Agon Cup, because it shares a sponsor with the Agon-Kiriyama Cup in Japan.

Piao previously reached the final of the Ahan Tongshan Cup in 2009, but lost to Sun Tengyu 7p.

In the Ahan Tongshan Cup, players are allowed 30 seconds per move, with a 10 by 60 seconds byo yomi that can be used on any move where they exceed 30 seconds. Note the Japanese version is not a lightning tournament.

Piao Wenyao shows off the 13th Ahan Tongshan Cup for the cameras.

Since 1999, the winners of the two tournaments have also met each year in a Japan-China Agon Cup. The record currently stands at 8-4 in China’s favour.

Chen Yaoye demonstrates his patented thinking pose.

Interestingly, Japan won the playoff from 1999 to 2002 and since 2003, China has emerged as the winner.

Piao will face either Yamashita Keigo 9p or Iyama Yuta 9p (the two 18th Agon-Kiriyama Cup finalists) in the 13th Japan-China Agon Cup later this year.

Earlier this year Piao won his first major international title, the 15th LG Cup, and earned himself a promotion to 9 dan.

Piao Wenyao reviews the game for the audience.


Game record: Chen Yaoye vs Piao Wenyao


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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