Professional Go Players

Are you looking for information about professional Go players? Have a look at these articles about some of the worlds top pros.

Go Seigen turns 100 today!


Today is Go Seigen’s 100th birthday. Go Seigen is regarded by many to be the greatest Go player who ever lived. He created a new paradigm in the game of Go and raised the understanding of future players to a new level…

Lee Sedol cools on retirement plans


In 2013 Go Game Guru reported on Lee Sedol’s plans to retire (from competitive play) and move to the US. Go players, especially in the US, were excited at the time. However, one year later, it seems that Lee’s plans are less definite than we originally thought…

Go Seigen: The Go Master


June 12 is Go Seigen’s birthday. In 2013 he turns 99. Go Seigen is a legend in the Go world. In fact, he’s one of the first professional Go players many people learn about, along with Lee Changho. He’s also well known by the Chinese reading of his name, Wu Qingyuan (吴清源)…

Lee Sedol’s imminent retirement and move overseas


Recently, Lee Sedol said something which has shocked the Baduk community in Korea. “I’ll definitely retire and move overseas within three years.” Lee recently revealed his plans in an interview with a Baduk reporter from a Korean newspaper. This is a translation of excerpts from that interview…

Vogue interviews Xie Yimin


Recently the fashion house Chanel has been sponsoring a series of interviews of various artists for Vogue Taiwan. One of the artists they interviewed was the current Japanese women’s Honinbo Meijin, Xie Yimin (6p). Here’s an edited video of the interview…

Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi become North America’s first pro Go players


August 4, 2012 became a momentous day for Go in the Western world when North America certified its first home grown professional Go players. Starting on July 30, 16 top amateurs from the USA and Canada met to compete in a double elimination tournament, titled the AGA-Tygem Pro Finals, to decide whom among them would be the first American pros…

An interview with Baek Hongseok


Recently Baek Hongseok won the 4th BC Card Cup, and many of you followed the news or watched the games on Baduk TV. I also commented some of his games with Dang Yifei from the final earlier. Baek talked to me on the phone about the BC Card Cup and some other things. Here’s what he had to say…

Honinbo Shuei: Great talents mature late


Honinbo Shuei has long been esteemed by other professionals, even outside Japan. But who was Honinbo Shuei? Phrases such as the ‘Meijin of Meijins’ are bandied about. Takagawa Kaku even took up a professional career on the strength of having acquired a set of his collected games. Yet it has never been quite to clear to amateurs why he is so highly regarded…

Top 20 Go Players: Lee Sedol and Kong Jie


This is the final article in our series about the top 20 Go players of 2010. Lee Sedol was ranked number 1 and Kong Jie was ranked number 2. Kong Jie was born in 1982 and became a pro in 1994. He suddenly became perfect and unbeatable in 2009 and 2010. Lee Sedol was born in 1983, on a small island in the south west part of Korea…

An interview with Choi Jung


Recently I interviewed Choi Jung, an up and coming player who just won the 13th Female Myeongin title in Korea. I also commented the final game between Choi Jung and Kim Miri earlier. Here’s what Choi had to say: An Younggil: Hello Jung, do you remember me? I saw you studying at Yu Changhyeok’s dojo before […]