Lee Sedol beats Lee Changho: 6th Price Information Cup

Lee Sedol beat Lee Changho in the first game of the final in the 6th Price Information Cup.

The game was played on 1 September 2010, at the Baduk TV Studio in Bundang. Sedol beat Changho by resignation in 280 moves. Here’s the commentary of this game.

Professional Go players: Lee Sedol (left) plays Lee Changho - Price Information Cup final, 2010

It’s been a long time since these two played each other in a final. The game lasted two and a half hours even though it was a lightning Go game with 40sec byoyomi.

Lee Sedol gives post game interview

The interview

The game was very tough and close, and when black (Changho) resigned the game, white was winning by just 1.5 points. Sedol said at the interview that “I thought I was losing by a half point in the endgame and even though I could gain some points at the top, I felt I barely reversed the game.” And he added “Changho’s Go style has become tougher and more aggressive, and that makes it harder to beat him. Although I beat him in this first game (of three), the chance of winning the title should be half and half as he is such an excellent Go player.”

The second game will be played on 15 September and lots of Go lovers are curious about their remaining games.

More pictures

Both players study the Go board in the final moments

Lee Sedol wins the game by 1.5 points

Price Information Cup

The Price Information Cup is a lightning Go tournament in Korea for professional Go players ranked 6 dan or higher. First held in 2005, the prize money is 20,000,000 Won (approximately $21,000 USD).

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