Seeded players enter the fray at the 7th Ing Cup

The first two rounds of the 7th Ing Cup concluded on May 25, 2012 with some surprising results.

Fan Tingyu (3 dan, left) plays Lee Sedol (9 dan) at the 7th Ing Cup.

Another precocious teenager

The most notable was Chinese 15 year old, Fan Tingyu 3p, who defeated Lee Sedol 9p by resignation.

And a veteran

For Cho Chikun’s fans, the crazy hair will continue to show up in photos, after Cho 9p defeated Liu Xing 7p by resignation.

Cho Chikun (9 dan, right) reviews a game. Joanne Missingham (5 dan) watches.

In round 2, winners of the first round played against the 8 seeds who did not play in the previous round.

American and European results

For American and European fans, Europe’s Catalin Taranu 5pย lost to Xie He 9p and America’s Yang Huiren 1p lost to Park Junghwan 9p.ย The full results from round one were updated in my previous article about the 7th Ing Cup.

Korea's Park Junghwan (9 dan, left) plays America's Yang Huiren (1 dan) in the first round.


Second round results

The full results from round 2 are as follows:

Quarter final draw

The quarter finals (round 3) start tomorrow, with the line up as follows:

  • Lee Changho vs Cho U
  • Cho Chikun vs Park Junghwan
  • Gu Li vs Xie He
  • Tan Xiao vs Fan Tingyu

This is already shaping up to be a very interesting tournament.

Quarter final results

UPDATE: The quarter finals were played on May 27. Here are the results:

  • Lee Changho defeated Cho U
  • Park Junghwan defeated Cho Chikun
  • Xie He defeated Gu Li
  • Fan Tingyu defeated Tan Xiao.
In the semi finals, Lee Changho will play Park Junghwan and Xie He will play Fan Tingyu in best of three matches. The dates for those games haven’t been set yet.

Watch the Ing Cup live

You can watch the 7th Ing Cup at Go Game Guru on Baduk TV Live.

The official coverage for round 3 starts at:

  • 1:00pm Korean Standard Time, Sunday May 27
  • 6:00am Central European Summer Time, Sunday May 27
  • 4:00am Greenwich Mean Time, Sunday May 27 (adjust for European Summer Time)
  • 12:00am US Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Sunday May 27.

See the Baduk TV Guide for more details and future match times.

The Ing Cup

The Ing Cup is the oldest continuous international go tournament for professionals.

It started in 1988, just after the inaugural (and now defunct) Fujitsu Cup, and is held every 4 years, coinciding with the Summer Olympics.

The format is a 24 player knockout with 8 players being seeded into the second round. The semifinals are played as the best of 3 matches, and the final is best of 5.

The tournament uses the Ing Rules, which were designed by Ing Changki. Ing Rules have some unique aspects.

7th Ing Cup photos

Game records

Fan Tingyu vs Lee Sedol


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Liu Xing vs Cho Chikun


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Tan Xiao vs Choi Cheolhan


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Lee Changho vs Kong Jie


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Byung Soo Lee says:

    It’s too bad Qiu Jun didn’t advance. I started liking him after reading his profile on this web site. Look the concentration on his face in that photo! The Ing rules don’t seem like a good fit for his time-intensive style though.

    • That’s why I chose that photo of Qiu – it epitomizes the extreme concentration when he plays. Too bad it doesn’t suit Ing rules.

  2. That photo is incredible.

    I do wonder wonder if there’s a point where too intense concentration becomes counter-productive: so tensed up, you can’t trust yourself to play any move.

    • Flandre says:

      It differs for different people. I think Qiu Jun knows which way is best for him.

    • Sometimes I worry Qiu will give himself an apoplexy – I’m sure the other players concentrate just as intensely even if it’s not as apparent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I have a blind spot, please forgive me if so. I counted and recounted the Liu – Cho game several times. I count 80 points for black and 69 for white, including captured stones, that results in 11 points for black. Subtracting komi, black should win, by 3 points. What happened, did Liu resign a won game? I cannot imagine so.

    Kind regards,

    • Yeah Paul, I think you’re right. Blqck should win by 3 points, so I imagine there is a mistake in the game record ( or perhpaps Liu just resign a won game, which would be incredible).
      What about it ?

      Kind regards


    • Byung Soo Lee says:

      Perhaps Liu Xing received 2 time penalties? Does the Ing Cup post official game records anywhere? It is strange.

      I doubt that he resigned a won game. Then again, wasn’t there a game last year where Lee Changho resigned a game he won by a half point?

  4. hmm, when i download the sgf’s, they have the file extension “.part”, like they weren’t completely downloaded. But when I rename them “.sgf” and open with the KGS Cban3 reader, they seem fine.

    Anyhow, thanks so much for the files!

    • Hi Dave,
      My browser was doing that too a few months ago but then it fixed itself – I don’t know why it does that. ๐Ÿ˜•

      Maybe someone else can help?

  5. DanielTom says:

    In Lee Sedol’s game, move 16 (E16) was a big surprise! I wonder what An Younggil thinks about it.
    I was also surprised that Cho Chikun won… In the final position, I think Black is winning by 3 points. Why did Liu resign? Of course I must be making a mistake in counting…
    Finally, Lee Changho’s 1 point win must have been a relief.
    Nice article as always, Jing, and great pictures.

    • Move 16 surprised me too a bit, I would expect C15 or C17 as with the lower pincer at F17 instead of the played F16. But E16 takes sente too and immobilises F16 better, maybe this is the reason it was played. I didn’t consider E16 as being bad, but then, my strength…

      Kind regards,

  6. Thank you for everything you are doing, is my favorite page, thanks for your effort, every day look forward to reading news stories from baduk, that without your help it would be impossible. Sorry for my bad English.

    • Hi Mario – glad you are enjoying the site. Don’t apologise for your English because the only way to get better is to practise more ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Paul, Simon, Daniel and Byung Soo – thanks for pointing out that mistake. There was a mix up with the files and the game was actually Cho U vs Qiu Jun (which Cho, playing black, won). We’ve corrected it now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. When is the next round? thx ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The dates haven’t been set yet, but presumably not for some time if previous Ing Cups are anything to go by.

      Usually in the Ing Cup, rounds 1-3 are held around April-May, the semi finals (next round) are held in September and the finals are held in March the following year.

  9. Third round results from trout and marblewand on lifein19x19:
    Fan Tingyu def. Tan Xiao by Res.
    Xie He def. Gu Li by a few points
    Park Junghwan def. Cho Chikun by Res.
    Lee Changho def Cho U by Res.
    Can’t wait to see the games! A China vs. Korea final.