Asian TV Cup

The Asian TV Cup is a lightning Go tournament open to the winners and runners up of domestic Chinese, Japanese and Korean lightning tournaments.
The name 'Asian TV' came about because the domestic lightning tournaments were all sponsored by local broadcasting stations - CCTV, NHK and KBS respectively.
However, in 2013, China spoiled the party by changing the sponsor of their qualifying tournament to CITIC Bank.
Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul take turns as tournament hosts.
The previous year’s winner is seeded into the semifinals while the other six players battle it out for the three remaining semifinal places.
The players receive 10 minutes main time and 30 seconds byo-yomi for their games.

Lee Sedol wins his 4th Asian TV Cup title – 27th Asian TV Cup

Lee Sedol defeated Park Junghwan in the final of the the 27th Asian TV Cup, on August 28, 2015. The final was played in Seoul, Korea, and Lee won by resignation after 207 moves. Lee Sedol played wonderfully against Park Junghwan in the final, and added a 4th Asian TV Cup to his international record…

Go Commentary: Kono Rin vs Lee Sedol – 26th Asian TV Cup

This game is from the 26th Asian TV Cup final, between Kono Rin 9p and Lee Sedol 9p. It was played on August 19, 2014, in Beijing, China…

Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Iyama Yuta – 25th Asian TV Cup

This game is from the final of the 25th Asian TV Cup, played between Iyama Yuta and Park Junghwan. Iyama Yuta is arguably the best player from Japan at the moment, currently holding five of the seven major Japanese titles. Park Junghwan is #2 in Korea, next to Lee Sedol 9p, and he defeated Yuki Satoshi 9p in the semifinal…

Iyama Yuta wins 25th Asian TV Cup

Japan continued their recent strong form with Iyama Yuta winning the 25th Asian TV Cup on June 30, 2013. Over the two previous days, in Tokyo, Iyama defeated Lee Changho and Wang Xi to reach the final, where he came face to face with Korea’s wunderkind, Park Junghwan 9p…

Go Commentary: Baek Hongseok vs Kong Jie – 23rd Asian TV Cup

This is a commentary of the final game of the the 23rd Asian TV Cup. Black is Baek Hongseok from Korea, and white is Kong Jie from China. Kong won the Asian TV Cup for the last two years in a row, and this is third time he has won it. On the other hand, it’s first time Baek Hongseok has been in the final of this title. I hope you enjoy the commentary and the game.

Kong Jie wins 23rd Asian TV Cup

There were some in the Chinese camp who had been casting doubt on Kong Jie’s earlier in the week. However, those doubts have been put to rest after Kong Jie (9p) emphatically defended his Asian TV Cup this week, winning both his games by resignation in well under 200 moves. Kong knocked out Baek Hongseok (8p) of Korea today (June 10, 2011) in just 162 moves. This the third successive year in which Kong has won the Asian TV Cup.

23rd Asian TV Cup kicks off

On June 6 2011, the 23rd Asian TV Cup kicked off in Beijing, China, with a reception thrown in honour of the contestants. The 7 players competing for the title are: Kong Jie (9p), Wang Lei (8p), Zhong Wenjing (5p) of China, Park Junghwan (9p) and Baek Hongseok (8p) of Korea and Yamada Kimio (9p) and Yoda Norimoto (9p) of Japan. Kong, as defending champion, is seeded directly into the semi finals.