Iyama Yuta wins 25th Asian TV Cup


Japan continued their recent strong form with Iyama Yuta winning the 25th Asian TV Cup on June 30, 2013. Over the two previous days, in Tokyo, Iyama defeated Lee Changho and Wang Xi to reach the final, where he came face to face with Korea’s wunderkind, Park Junghwan 9p…

Lee Sedol wins 40th Myeongin


On December 26, 2012, Lee Sedol defeated Baek Hongseok 3-2 to become the 40th Myeongin title holder (the Myeongin is the Korean Meijin title). This is 41st title of Lee’s career so far. Lee unexpectedly lost the first two games in the title match series on December 17 and 18…

Experience trumps youth at 17th Samsung Cup


On October 9 and 10, 2012, the knockout stages of the 17th Samsung Cup took place in Taejon, Korea. Perhaps due to the format of the Samsung Cup, this year’s semifinalists are more experienced overall than those we’ve seen in the lineup for other recent international tournaments…

Last 16 in the 17th Samsung Cup


After all the excitement over the last few days, the group stage of the 17th Samsung Cup finally concluded on September 6, 2012. 16 players progressed to the knockout phase. As you already know, Gu Li (9p) and Lee Sedol (9p) made it through Group F after quite a bit of drama…

30 of the world’s best Go players 2011-2012


Recently Dr Bai Taeil announced an updated World Go Ranking for the top 30 Go players in the world. As you’ll see, Chinese players have improved their standing relative to the 2010 World Go Ranking. As a result, even though numbers 1 and 2 are Lee Sedol and Park Junghwan, numbers 3 to 10 are all Chinese players.

An interview with Baek Hongseok


Recently Baek Hongseok won the 4th BC Card Cup, and many of you followed the news or watched the games on Baduk TV. I also commented some of his games with Dang Yifei from the final earlier. Baek talked to me on the phone about the BC Card Cup and some other things. Here’s what he had to say…

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Baek Hongseok – 4th BC Card Cup Final – Game 4


This is the 4th and last game from the final of the 4th BC Card Cup. It’s between Baek Hongseok (9p) and Dang Yifei (4p). Dang won the first game, but Baek won the second and the third games. At this point, Baek is leading the series 2-1. Let’s have a look at the game…

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Baek Hongseok – 4th BC Card Cup Final – Game 2


This is the second game of the 4th BC Card Cup final between Baek Hongseok (9p) and Dang Yifei (4p). Baek Hongseok is currently ranked number 8 in Korea. This is his first time in the final of an international tournament. As this game begins, Dang’s on a 17 game winning streak in international matches, and it’s really amazing…

Baek Hongseok wins 4th BC Card Cup


On May 16, 2012, much to the delight of Korean Go fans, Baek Hongseok defeated Dang Yifei of China to win the 4th BC Card Cup 3 games to 1. Congratulations to Baek Hongseok on his first major international win and Dang Yifei on his impressive performance in reaching the finals.

4th BC Card Cup finals about to begin!


Korea’s lone rider, Baek Hongseok, is still on his horse in the 4th BC Card Cup. On May 9, 2012 Baek defeated China’s Hu Yaoyu to reach the final. The following day, China’s Dang Yifei defeated fellow countryman Piao Wenyao, to join Baek in the finals. Dang has had a dream run at this year’s tournament, beating Lee Sedol and Park Younghun along the way.