Bingsheng Cup

The Bingsheng Cup was first played in 2010 and is held annually at Qionglong Mountain, Suzhou, China.
The original name of the tournament is the Qionglong Mountain Bingsheng Cup, and it's sometimes referred to as the Qionglong Cup (in English) because of this.
Currently the only women's individual international Go tournament, it uses a knockout format for the top 16 players from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, North America and Oceania.
Amateurs are allowed to take part if they win the right to represent their region.
The time limit for games is 2 hours main time and 5 x 1 minute byo-yomi.
The first prize is 250,000 RMB and the runner up receives 100,000 RMB.
Qionglong Mountain is where Sun Zi (aka Sun Tzu) wrote The Art of War (孫子兵法), and is called the mountain of the wisdom.
Bingsheng (兵圣) literally means 'soldier saint' - named in honor of Sun Zi. The second character also appears in the names of the Qisheng and Kisei (Go saint) tournaments.

Yu Zhiying wins her first international title – 6th Bingsheng Cup

Yu Zhiying 5p defeated Park Jieun 9p in the final of the 6th Bingsheng Cup, on October 21, 2015. The final was played in Suzhou, China, and Yu won by 2.5 points after 260 moves.

Wang Chenxing wins 4th Bingsheng Cup

Wang Chenxing defeated Yu Zhiying to win the final of the 4th Bingsheng Cup, on September 12, 2013. With this win – her first major international title – Wang has become a new star in the Go world. In the final showdown, Yu Zhiying built big territories in the top right area and the top left corner. Meanwhile…

Li He wins her first international title: 3rd Bingsheng Cup

On October 30, 2012, 16 female pros and amateurs gathered at Qionglong Mountain in Suzhou, China to take part in the 3rd Bingsheng Cup. On November 3, 2012, Li He of China won the championship, after 4 rounds of play…

Go Commentary: Park Jieun vs Tang Yi – 2nd Bingsheng Cup

This game is from final of the 2nd Bingsheng Cup in China. The Bingsheng Cup is a world Go championship tournament for women, which started in 2010. Park Jieun won the inaugural tournament last year and made it back to back wins this year. This was Tang Yi’s first time in the final of an international tournament. She played well, but couldn’t defeat Park this time.

Park Jieun wins 2nd Bingsheng Cup

Park Jieun won the Bingsheng Cup for a second year in a row, after defeating Tang Yi in the final on October 13, 2011. The Bingsheng Cup is a women’s tournament, held in Qionglong Mountain, Suzhou, China. Amateur players can participate by qualifying to represent their region, and this year Natalia Kovaleva represented Europe. North America and Oceania were represented by professional players, Feng Yun and Joanne Missingham.