Park Junghwan ends Chen Yaoye’s China Korea Tengen run

The 18th China Korea Tengen was held on Jeju Island, Korea, from September 23 to 26, 2014. The China Korea Tengen is a best of three match between the winners of Korea’s Chunwon and China’s Tianyuan tournament…

Go Commentary: Chen Yaoye vs Park Younghun – 17th China Korea Tengen

This was the first game of the 17th China Korea Tengen, between Chen Yaoye and Park Younghun. Chen Yaoye is currently ranked #1 in China, and he’s already won this China Korea Tengen three times. Park Younghun 9p is ranked #6 in Korea. Recently, Park’s been playing more of an active, fighting game…

Chen Yaoye’s China Korea Tengen hat trick

The 17th China Korean Tengen was held on August 22, 23 and 24, 2013, in Hangzhou, China. Chen Yaoye won the tournament for the third year running, defeating Park Younghun. Chen has become quite the regular at these showdowns – between the winners of the Tianyuan and Chunwon…

Chen Yaoye makes 5 in a row – wins the 27th Tianyuan title

On May 13 and 15, 2013, Chen Yaoye defended his Tianyuan title against yet another challenger, in the 27th Tianyuan title match, in China. This victory marks Chen’s fifth consecutive year as title holder! This year’s challenger, Gu Lingyi 5p, won the right to challenge Chen earlier in February…

Go Commentary: Chen Yaoye vs Choi Cheolhan – 16th China Korea Tengen

This is a commentary of the second game of the 16th China Korea Tengen, between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Chen Yaoye (9p). Chen Yaoye won the first game and this was a best of three match, so Choi had to win this game to stay in the competition. The game was full of interesting tesuji, many of which you normally only find in tesuji books. So it’s a great game to review to learn more about tesuji in practical play.

China sweeps 2012 World Meijin and Tengen matches

Over the last few days, China’s made a clean sweep at the 3rd China Japan Korea World Meijin and the 16th China Korea Tengen. Starting on September 10, 2012, Chen Yaoye repeated last year’s 2-0 win over Choi Cheolhan in the Tengen, while Jiang Weijie took home the 3rd World Meijin title.

Go Commentary: Choi Cheolhan vs Chen Yaoye – China Korea Tengen

This is a commentary of the second game of the 15th Korea China Tengen, between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Chen Yaoye (9p). Choi Cheolhan is number 2 in Korea (as of August, 2011), but his results against Chen Yaoye are no good, somehow. Choi really likes fighting. His nickname is ‘venomous snake’. Chen is also good at fighting. However, his style of play is thick and solid. He waits for his opponent’s invitation to battle.

Chen Yaoye wins 15th China Korea Tengen

On August 31, 2011, Chen Yaoye (9p) claimed his second China Korea Tengen title. The China Korea Tengen, also known as the Dongli Cup, pits the Chinese Tianyuan title holder against the current Korean Chunwon. Chen defeated Korea’s Choi Cheolhan (9p), 2 games to 0. This victory is extra sweet for Chen, who first won the title in 2009 by defeating Kang Dongyun (9p) and then lost it last year to Park Junghwan.