The GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20 is an international lightning tournament for 16 players aged 20 years and younger.
The players initially go through a group stage, similar to the Samsung Cup, or the FIFA World Cup. It uses a double elimination format, with 2 players progressing through each group.
The remaining 8 players compete in a simple knockout tournament (single elimination) to decide the winner.
The winner takes home 3 million Yen and the runner up receives 500,000 Yen.
The tournament is sponsored by GLOBIS University.

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: 2nd Globis Cup Final – Shin Jinseo vs Huang Yunsong

Younggil is going to show you a game played between Shin Jinseo 3p and Huang Yunsong 4p from the 2nd GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20, quarter finals…

Huang Yunsong wins 2nd GLOBIS Cup

Huang Yunsong won the 2nd GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20, defeating Na Hyun, on May 10, 2015. This international tournament, for players who are 20 or younger, took place from May 8-10, 2015, at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan…

Why Ichiriki Ryo is a new sensation – 1st GLOBIS Cup

Japan’s Ichiriki Ryo won the 1st GLOBIS Cup, defeating Kyo Kagen on May 11, 2014. In a hopeful sign for Japan’s Go fans, Ichiriki Ryo and Kyo Kagen defeated Lian Xiao and Xia Chenkun, achieving an overall 2-0 score for Japan vs China in this tournament…