Park Junghwan and Tang Weixing proceed to 8th Ing Cup final

2016 is divisible by four, which means only one thing to Go fans – forget the Olympics, it’s an Ing Cup year!

The semifinals of the 8th Ing Cup were held in Wuhan, China from June 10 to 14, 2016. China’s Tang Weixing 9p and Shi Yue 9p vied desperately for a coveted spot in the final. Meanwhile Park Junghwan 9p faced fellow countryman, Lee Sedol in the other semifinal match…

18th LG Cup: Japan fights on, Korea knocked out

After a brief day’s respite, the 16 remaining players in the 18th LG Cup returned to battle on June 12, 2013. For the first time in the history of the LG Cup, there are no Koreans in the quarter final line-up. Meanwhile, Japan continues their charge through the draw…

Japan strikes back! The 18th LG Cup

The main tournament of the 18th LG Cup started on June 10. There were many sensational games, especially those of Japanese players. There were only four players from Japan in the main tournament, but three of them won their first round games…

Go Commentary: Iyama Yuta vs Hane Naoki – 37th Gosei – Game 3

This is the third game of the 37th Gosei final in Japan, between Iyama Yuta and Hane Naoki. Iyama won the first two games, so if Hane Naoki loses this game, he’ll lose the Gosei title (the Gosei is a best of five title match). Hane’s style of play is gentle and calm. On the other hand, Iyama prefers a fighting game…

The 7th Ing Cup begins

The waiting is over and 7th Ing Cup is about to start. Round 1 takes place on May 23, 2012. Players arrived in Taiwan yesterday, with photographers tailgating them from the moment they touched down in Taipei. The Ing Cup is the oldest continuous international Go tournament for professionals…

China wins 13th Nongshim Cup

On February 24, 2012, Team China took the 13th Nongshim Cup, after Xie He 7p defeated Lee Changho 9p in the final game. The Nongshim Cup is a team event between China, Japan and Korea. The sponsor, Nongshim, is a Korean instant noodles company. Korea won the 12th Nongshim Cup┬álast year. In fact, Korea has […]

Go Commentary: Hane Naoki vs Yamashita Keigo – 66th Honinbo

This is a commentary of the last game of the 66th Honinbo title match. Yamashita won first three games, but Hane won next three games and made it a tie at 3-3. In general, we could expect Hane to win from this position in a reverse sweep. Anyway, let’s review the final game of the 66th Honinbo final and see what happened.

Yamashita Keigo defends his title in 66th Honinbo

Yamashita Keigo (9p) successfully defended the Japanese Honinbo title today, cutting short Hane Naoki’s recent winning streak. Going into this match Hane Naoki (9p) was the favorite to win the title, and for much of the final game it seemed that he would. However, Honinbo Dowa (Yamashita Keigo) is nothing if not tenacious. Even though the final game looked difficult for him, he waited for his opportunity to strike back.

Hane Naoki fights back in 66th Japanese Honinbo

The 66th Honinbo has turned out to be an exciting title series. The sixth match, which finished on July 14, was a spectacular game full of complicated fights. Earlier in the year, Yasmashita Keigo (9p) won the first three games of the title. However Hane Naoki (9p) fought back with three successive wins of his own. The 7th game will now decide who takes the prestigious Honinbo title.