Just 8 players left in the 9th Chunlan Cup

On March 30, 2012, the quarter finalists for the 9th Chunlan Cup were decided. The Chunlan Cup is an invitational Go tournament for 24 top players from around the world. Play started on March 28 in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, China. After two days of play, 16 of the 24 contenders had been eliminated…

Top 20 Go Players: Kang Dongyun and Heo Youngho

Let’s start wrapping up our series about the Top 20 Go players. The next two players are Kang Dongyun and Heo Youngho. Kang Dongyun became a pro when he was 13 years old. He was regarded as a prodigy along with Kim Jiseok. Heo Youngho became a pro when he was 15 years old, but for first few years his performance wasn’t very impressive. He was not regarded as a prodigy, but he studies Go very hard when he’s alone.

Olé olé! 2nd Olleh Cup enters quarter finals

The quarter finals of the 2nd Olleh KT Cup are nearly upon us and soon the top professional players in Korea will be pitted against one another. Park Junghwan (9p), Lee Sedol (9p), Kim Jiseok (7p), Kang Dongyun (9p) and Heo Youngho (9p) have already qualified. The final two places will be decided between Cho Hanseung (9p) and Lee Younggu (8p) on September 23, 2011. And Lee Changho (9p) and Kang Yootaek (4p) on September 25.

A tale of three Meijins

Each of the three Meijin tournaments have started in China, Korea and Japan. Let’s see how things stand as of September 14, 2011. In Japan, Yamashita Keigo (9p), current Honinbo title holder, is challenging Iyama Yuta (9p) for the Meijin title in a best of 7 games match. In China, the challenger match for the Mingren title is being played between Kong Jie (9p) and Li Zhe (6p). In Korea, the Myeongin is being played as a knock out tournament between 16 players for the first time.

Get ready for the 16th Samsung Cup!

The main draw of the 16th Samsung Cup is about to be finalized, with just one more preliminary match between Baek Sungho (9p) and Kim Soojang (9p) to be played today (August 9, 2011). Find out how your favorite players have done and whether they’ve made it through to the main draw. With some unexpected results, several well known players haven’t managed to qualify and need a wildcard from the tournament organizers to continue.

Top 20 Pro Go Players of 2010

Have you ever wondered how top professional Go players compare? Here Dr Bai Taeil, who created the Korean ranking system, made an announcement of the World Go Ranking for the end of 2010. Calculating a world ranking is very difficult because of the differences between the systems in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan.