Go Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li – 3rd BC Card Cup

This was one of the most exciting and complicated games so far in the 3rd BC Card Cup. The game was played between Kim Jiseok (7p) of Korea and Gu Li (9p) of China. Both players are well known as infighters, and it shows in this game. Gu Li’s career so far is far better than Kim Jiseok’s, but Kim is far younger and is a rising star in Korea. Enjoy the game!

3rd BC Card Cup: Semi final line up

The quarter finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup concluded today with Gu Li (9p) defeating Kim Jiseok (7p). In the other quarter finals, Park Junghwan (9p) defeated Zhou Ruiyang (5p), Lee Sedol (9p) defeated Chen Yaoye (9p) and Heo Youngho (8p) defeated Zhong Wenjing (5p). This leaves Gu as the only Chinese player in the semi finals, facing off against three Korean players.

3rd BC Card Cup: Quarter final lineup

The round of 16 has concluded in the 3rd BC Card Cup with Gu Li (9p) beating Cho Hanseung (9p) to claim the final spot in the quarter finals. The other quarter finalists are Lee Sedol (9p), Park Junghwan (9p), Heo Youngho (8p) and Kim Jiseok (7p) of Korea and Chen Yaoye (9p), Zhou Ruiyang (5p) and Zhong Wenjing (5p) of China. The quarter finals will begin on 31 March 2011.

Top 20 Pro Go Players of 2010

Have you ever wondered how top professional Go players compare? Here Dr Bai Taeil, who created the Korean ranking system, made an announcement of the World Go Ranking for the end of 2010. Calculating a world ranking is very difficult because of the differences between the systems in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan.