China and Korea evenly pegged after 19th LG Cup round of 16

After one brief day to lounge by the pool, it was back to business on June 11, 2014 for the winners of 19th LG Cup’s round of 32. Three of the pairs have only played each other once before and two of the games repeated the previous result…

19th LG Cup gets serious – Round of 32

The main draw of the 19th LG Cup kicked off on June 9, 2014 at the Lakai Sandpine Resort in Korea. This year, Li Weiqing broke through to the preliminaries, to rub shoulders with the big guns in the main draw. Like us, this next fact will probably make most readers feel their age…

No longer underdogs: Zhou Ruiyang and Tuo Jiaxi fight their way to 18th LG Cup final

The semifinals of the 18th LG Cup were played on November 13, 2013, at the Paradise Hotel in Incheon, Korea. Zhou Ruiyang 9p defeated Chen Yaoye 9p and Tuo Jiaxi 3p defeated Li Zhe to proceed to the final. Both of them are in very good form these days, so it’s hard to predict who will have the advantage in the final…

18th LG Cup: Japan fights on, Korea knocked out

After a brief day’s respite, the 16 remaining players in the 18th LG Cup returned to battle on June 12, 2013. For the first time in the history of the LG Cup, there are no Koreans in the quarter final line-up. Meanwhile, Japan continues their charge through the draw…

Japan strikes back! The 18th LG Cup

The main tournament of the 18th LG Cup started on June 10. There were many sensational games, especially those of Japanese players. There were only four players from Japan in the main tournament, but three of them won their first round games…

30 of the world’s best Go players 2011-2012

Recently Dr Bai Taeil announced an updated World Go Ranking for the top 30 Go players in the world. As you’ll see, Chinese players have improved their standing relative to the 2010 World Go Ranking. As a result, even though numbers 1 and 2 are Lee Sedol and Park Junghwan, numbers 3 to 10 are all Chinese players.

Top 20 Go Players: Won Seongjin and Li Zhe

I’d like to introduce some more of the top 20 Go players of 2010. Won Seongjin (9p) of Korea and Li Zhe (6p) of China are both currently ranked number 9 according to Dr Bai Taeil. Won Seongjin became a pro in 1998 when he was only 13 years old. Li Zhe became a pro in 2000, when he was only 11. Let’s talk a bit about these two players.

16th Samsung Cup: Kong Jie, Gu Li knock out Lee Sedol, Lee Changho

The round of 16 in the 16th Samsung Cup concluded today, with two highly anticipated games. In one corner, Korea’s Lee Sedol and Lee Changho stood ready to do battle. In the other corner China’s Kong Jie and Gu Li were ready to rumble. Unfortunately for Korea, China came out 2-0. Meanwhile Kim Jiseok, Lee Younggu, Chen Yaoye, Na Hyun, Won Seongjin and Park Younghun also made it through to the quarter finals.

Iyama Yuta wins Agon Cup, Kong Jie becomes Mingren challenger

On October 1, 2011, Iyama Yuta defeated Yamashita Keigo in the final of the Agon Kiriyama Cup. Iyama and Yamashita are also playing in the 36th Meijin title match, with game 4 scheduled to begin on October 5. Meanwhile in China, the challenger match for the 24th Mingren has concluded, with Kong Jie defeating Li Zhe 2-1 to become the challenger. Kong will now challenge Jiang Weijie for the title, starting October 21.

Tale of three Meijins continues – Amateur player wins pro status

The three Meijin tournaments have continued in Asia and history has been made. On September 20, 2011, 7 dan amateur player Cho Insun defeated Park Jeonggeun (4p) in the Myeongin tournament and won himself a promotion to professional 1 dan! This is the first time a Korean amateur has become pro in this way, because it has only been possible to do so for a short time. Read more in the article.