Maxim Cup

The Maxim Cup is a 9 dan only invitational tournament in Korea, which was established in the year 2000.
This lightning tournament uses a straight knockout format, with a best of three final. Players have 10 minutes main time and three 40 second over time periods (byo-yomi) for a game. The tournament uses Japanese rules with a komi of 6.5 points
The winner's prize is 50 million Korean Won and the runner up receives 15 million Korean Won.
The sponsor is Dong Suh Foods Corporation, a South Korean company that deals mainly in coffee and tea related products.

Choi Cheolhan wins 16th Maxim Cup

Choi Cheolhan 9p won the 16th Maxim Cup on May 5, 2015, defeating Hong Seongji 9p with a 2-1 score. Hong Seongji won game 1, but Choi Cheolhan won the next two games to take the best of three match…

Go Commentary: Choi Cheolhan vs Park Junghwan – 13th Maxim Cup

This is the second game of the 13th Maxim Cup final. It’s between Choi Cheolhan (9p) and Park Junghwan (9p). The Maxim Cup is a 9 dan only invitational tournament in Korea. Let’s have a look at the game…

Park Junghwan wins 13th Maxim Cup

On March 5, 2012, Park Junghwan (9p) defeated Choi Cheolhan (9p) to take the 13th Maxim Cup two games to zero. The Maxim Cup is a 9 dan only invitational tournament in Korea. It seems that reporters make a habit of giving the players a hard time at the Maxim Cup finals…

Go Commentary: Park Younghun vs Lee Changho – 12th Maxim Cup

This game is the second and last game of 12th Maxim Cup final, between Park Younghun and Lee Changho. It was a relatively peaceful game, and there weren’t any big fights, but if you look deeper, it’s a really interesting and fun game, as it was close throughout. You can see both players’ great endgame skills and accurate counting in byoyomi.

Park Younghun wins 12th Maxim Cup

On April 7 2011, Park Younghun (9p) won the 12th Maxim Cup, beating Lee Changho (9p) by half a point in the second match. Park won the first match several weeks ago (March 21), and with two wins he took the best of three title. The Maxim Cup is a rapid Korean domestic tournament for 9 dan players only. This year, the tournament was held on the beautiful Jeju Island.