How to deal with 5-4 openings: Tips and tricks

Many Go players I know are not confident in their ability to deal with openings using the 5-4 point. On the other hand, some players understand the 5-4 point well and use it as a weapon in their games. In this article we’ll cover some effective ways of dealing with your opponent’s 5-4 play and also show you some tricks that you or your opponent might try.

Thinking big in Go

This article discusses how to think about the whole Go board when choosing a move in the game of Go. An example game between professional Go players is given and the different possible strategies are discussed. The focus is on how to play on a large scale in Go. This article will be most interesting for intermediate to advanced Go players.

Go technique: Induction in the game of Go

Induction is a technique in the board game ‘Go’. Induction refers to playing a move that forces the opponent to respond in a predictable manner, so that you will then be compelled to play a move that you wanted to play anyway. Mastery of induction creates flowing Go games with interesting and natural fighting positions.