Jiang Weijie wins 24th Mingren

While Japan has already crowned its Meijin for 2011, the 39th Myeongin continues and 24th Mingren concluded this week, with Jiang Weijie (5p) defeating Kong Jie (9p) in five games. Here’s where things stand as of December 1, 2011.

Yamashita Keigo wins 36th Meijin

Yamashita Keigo defeated Iyama Yuta to win the 36th Meijin title on October 28, 2011. Yamashita, who was the challenger, took the title from Iyama in 6 games, winning the series 4-2. Iyama Yuta first won the title from Cho U in 2009 and defended it against Takao Shinji in 2010. However, he couldn’t stop Yamashita Keigo, who now holds the Japanese Meijin and Honinbo titles simultaneously.

Tale of three Meijins: Lee Changho schools Cho Insun

The 24th Mingren, 36th Meijin and 39th Myeongin continue in China, Japan and Korea. As of October 23, 2011, the Mingren and Meijin are both in the title match stage while quarterfinalists are being decided in the Myeongin. The much anticipated game between new pro, Cho Insun, and veteran, Lee Changho, took place on October 18, with Lee defeating Cho by resignation…

Iyama Yuta wins Agon Cup, Kong Jie becomes Mingren challenger

On October 1, 2011, Iyama Yuta defeated Yamashita Keigo in the final of the Agon Kiriyama Cup. Iyama and Yamashita are also playing in the 36th Meijin title match, with game 4 scheduled to begin on October 5. Meanwhile in China, the challenger match for the 24th Mingren has concluded, with Kong Jie defeating Li Zhe 2-1 to become the challenger. Kong will now challenge Jiang Weijie for the title, starting October 21.

Tale of three Meijins continues – Amateur player wins pro status

The three Meijin tournaments have continued in Asia and history has been made. On September 20, 2011, 7 dan amateur player Cho Insun defeated Park Jeonggeun (4p) in the Myeongin tournament and won himself a promotion to professional 1 dan! This is the first time a Korean amateur has become pro in this way, because it has only been possible to do so for a short time. Read more in the article.

A tale of three Meijins

Each of the three Meijin tournaments have started in China, Korea and Japan. Let’s see how things stand as of September 14, 2011. In Japan, Yamashita Keigo (9p), current Honinbo title holder, is challenging Iyama Yuta (9p) for the Meijin title in a best of 7 games match. In China, the challenger match for the Mingren title is being played between Kong Jie (9p) and Li Zhe (6p). In Korea, the Myeongin is being played as a knock out tournament between 16 players for the first time.