Olleh KT Cup

The Olleh KT Cup is a domestic Korean Go tournament sponsored by a Korean telecommunications company called Olleh KT.
And in case you're wondering, yes, 'olleh' is 'hello' spelt backwards!
There are several preliminary rounds, leading to a final knockout tournament with a best of 5 final.
The preliminary rounds are somewhat convoluted and unique, as with some other Korean tournaments (like the Samsung Cup).
How the Olleh KT Cup works:
1. The top 100 players are seeded by current ranking.
2. The bottom players 48 are paired in a knockout round. 24 players progress and the losers are eliminated.
3. The 24 winners from the first round are paired against the next 24 lowest seeded players. Once again, only 24 proceed.
4. The draw is folded, pitting the 24 players who’ve survived so far against one another. 12 players will progress. The top 28 players haven’t played any games so far.
5. The 12 players who’ve made it through are paired against the next 12 players (from the group of 28), once again in a knockout. The top 16 players still haven’t played.
6. Seeds 5 to 16 enter the knockout to compete with the 12 players who won the last round. The 12 who win progress to the round of 16.
7. Round of 16: The top 4 seeds enter the pool, along with the remaining 12 from the last round. 8 players progress to the quarter finals.
8. Quarter finals.
9. Semi finals.
10. Final – best of 5 games.

Lee Sedol’s Olleh KT Cup hat trick

On November 23, 2012, Lee Sedol proved, once again, that he’s still got it, by defeating Choi Cheolhan 3-1 in the final of the 3rd Olleh KT Cup. This year is Lee’s Olleh KT Cup hat trick, and his three consecutive Olleh KT wins make him the tournament’s only winner so far!

Lee Sedol wins 2nd Olleh KT Cup

On December 22, 2011, Lee Sedol (9p) defeated Lee Changho (9p) in the much anticipated 2nd Olleh KT Cup final, winning 3-1. After Lee Changho won the first game in early December, many of his fans hoped this would be his comeback match. Unfortunately though, it was not to be. Lee Sedol fought back with three consecutive wins. In the end, Lee Sedol won the 4th game by just half a point.

Go Commentary: Kim Kiyong vs Choi Cheolhan – 2nd Olleh KT Cup

This is an unusual game from the 2nd Olleh KT Cup. It features some interesting fighting, which results in a contest between two very large territories. Kim Kiyong is ranked number 20 in Korea, but he did well to beat Choi Cheolhan in this game. Choi is currently ranked number 4. I used to study Go with Kim when we were younger.

Olé olé! 2nd Olleh Cup enters quarter finals

The quarter finals of the 2nd Olleh KT Cup are nearly upon us and soon the top professional players in Korea will be pitted against one another. Park Junghwan (9p), Lee Sedol (9p), Kim Jiseok (7p), Kang Dongyun (9p) and Heo Youngho (9p) have already qualified. The final two places will be decided between Cho Hanseung (9p) and Lee Younggu (8p) on September 23, 2011. And Lee Changho (9p) and Kang Yootaek (4p) on September 25.