Wang Chenxing wins 4th Bingsheng Cup


Wang Chenxing defeated Yu Zhiying to win the final of the 4th Bingsheng Cup, on September 12, 2013. With this win – her first major international title – Wang has become a new star in the Go world. In the final showdown, Yu Zhiying built big territories in the top right area and the top left corner. Meanwhile…

2nd Huading Cup goes down to the wire


The 2nd Huading Cup took place in Taizhou, China, from April 26-28, 2013. Team Korea won this women’s team event with a score of 2-1 and 6 individual wins. When the dust settled, Team China had the same record as Korea, but Team Korea won by a whisker’s breadth after the countback…

Trading blows at the 3rd Huang Longshi Cup


On February 20, 2013, the 3rd Huang Longshi Cup kicked off with China, Japan and Korea each showcasing a team of five of their strongest women. Kim Chaeyoung gave Korea a running start, quickly dispatching Japan’s Osawa Narumi and Ishii Akane, and China’s Song Ronghui and Chen Yiming…

Li He wins her first international title: 3rd Bingsheng Cup


On October 30, 2012, 16 female pros and amateurs gathered at Qionglong Mountain in Suzhou, China to take part in the 3rd Bingsheng Cup. On November 3, 2012, Li He of China won the championship, after 4 rounds of play…

China wins 2nd Huang Longshi Cup


The 2nd Huang Longshi Cup ended on April 9th, 2012, with Team China convincingly defending the title. When we last looked at this competition, Team Japan still had Mannami Nao (2p) and Xie Yimin (6p) in play, while only Park Jieun (9p) remained for Team Korea. This was all because of Wang Chenxing’s amazing six game winning streak…

Wang Chenxing on a 6 game streak in the 2nd Huang Longshi Cup


The first half of the 2nd Huang Longshi Cup concluded on February 2nd, 2012. Let’s see how the teams stand. Huang Longshi is a female team tournament between China, Japan and Korea. It uses a win and continue format and is named after an ancient Chinese Go genius from the 17th century called Huang Longshi…

Go Commentary: Park Jieun vs Tang Yi – 2nd Bingsheng Cup


This game is from final of the 2nd Bingsheng Cup in China. The Bingsheng Cup is a world Go championship tournament for women, which started in 2010. Park Jieun won the inaugural tournament last year and made it back to back wins this year. This was Tang Yi’s first time in the final of an international tournament. She played well, but couldn’t defeat Park this time.

Park Jieun wins 2nd Bingsheng Cup

Park Jieun - Featured image

Park Jieun won the Bingsheng Cup for a second year in a row, after defeating Tang Yi in the final on October 13, 2011. The Bingsheng Cup is a women’s tournament, held in Qionglong Mountain, Suzhou, China. Amateur players can participate by qualifying to represent their region, and this year Natalia Kovaleva represented Europe. North America and Oceania were represented by professional players, Feng Yun and Joanne Missingham.

The 16th Samsung Cup begins


On August 24 2011, Go professionals from China, Japan and Korea gathered in Beijing for the main tournament of the 16th Samsung Cup. Some had won a spot in the main draw by playing through preliminaries, others were seeded based on last year’s performance. Lee Changho (9p) of Korea received this year’s wildcard. The Samsung Cup draw is convoluted, though arguably fairer than a straight knockout format…

Go Commentary: Joanne Missingham vs Park Jieun – 16th Samsung Cup


This game is from a preliminary match in the 16th Samsung Cup, between Joanne Missingham (5p) and Park Jieun (9p). These two played a game in the final of the Bingsheng Cup last September (2010), and Park won that game to take the title. Jieun is one of the strongest female players in Korea, along with Rui Naiwei (9p) and Cho Hyeyeon (9p). On the other hand, Joanne must be the strongest female player in Taiwan and she has had good results lately.