Olé olé! 2nd Olleh Cup enters quarter finals

The quarter finals of the 2nd Olleh KT Cup are nearly upon us and soon the top professional players in Korea will be pitted against one another. Park Junghwan (9p), Lee Sedol (9p), Kim Jiseok (7p), Kang Dongyun (9p) and Heo Youngho (9p) have already qualified. The final two places will be decided between Cho Hanseung (9p) and Lee Younggu (8p) on September 23, 2011. And Lee Changho (9p) and Kang Yootaek (4p) on September 25.

The 16th LG Cup is full of surprises: Lee Changho faces young guns

The main tournament of the 16th LG Cup kicked off on June 12 2011 in Seoul, Korea, with the obligatory lavish opening reception. There have been several early surprises and, going into the quarter finals, Lee Changho (9p) is the only contender with a solid track record in international Go tournaments. Perhaps the most anticipated match was Iyama Yuta’s game with Lee Changho…