Go Commentary: Lee Sedol vs Lee Changho – 6th Price Information Cup

Go lovers always look forward to watching the game between ‘Living Legend’ Lee Changho and ‘mythical’ Lee Sedol, and there was a poll about this final on the one of Go websites in Korea. 49% of people anticipated Changho to win the final by 2:1, and 23% of people expected Sedol to win by 2:1. However, in the result, Sedol won by 2:0. Only 15% of people anticipated the result correctly.

Go Commentary: Lee Changho vs Lee Sedol – 6th Price Information Cup

A game review with commentary of Lee Sedol and Lee Changho’s game in the 6th Price Information Cup. The game was played on 1 September 2010, at the Baduk TV Studio in Bundang. Sedol beat Changho by resignation in 280 moves.