Quzhou Lanke Cup

The Quzhou Lanke Cup is the most generous Chinese domestic tournament in terms of prize money.
The winner's prize is half a million Chinese Yuan.
The format is a straight knockout of 32 players - 24 are seeded directly into the main draw while eight spots are determined through a preliminary tournament.
Players each have 2 hours main time, followed by 5 times 1 minute byo yomi.
It is co-hosted by the Zhejian Sports Department and Lanke City Council. The tournament first started in 2006 and is held only once every two years. So far, a different player has won each time.

Meng Tailing’s breakthrough: Winner of the 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup

On August 28, 2012, Meng Tailing and Tuo Jiaxi met as the last two standing in China’s 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup. Prior to this game, Tuo and Meng had only met in two previous tournaments, and the record stood at one win each. Despite a higher ranking, Meng probably entered the final as the underdog…

Is this the world’s biggest Go board? 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup

On July 5, 2012, the second round of the 4th Quzhou Lanke Cup took place in Quzhou, China. Go fans may know Quzhou for its famous giant Go board at the nearby Lanke Mountain. After two rounds of play, the winners of the past two tournaments, Gu Li and Xie He, have been both knocked out…