Ricoh Cup

The Ricoh Cup is a domestic Go tournament in China, sponsored by Ricoh Hong Kong. It's also known as the Liguang Cup, to differentiate it from the (now defunct) Japanese Ricoh Pair Go Cup.
The draw is mainly invitational and the format is a straight knockout - even the final is just one game. The players are allotted 60 minutes main time per game and some form of over time (byo yomi), which seems to get revised every year. In 2012 the prize for first place was 250,000 RMB (approximately $40,000 USD).
Ricoh is an international electronics company, which has its headquarters in Japan. It produces printers, photocopiers and other office equipment, as well as cameras.

13 year old Yang Dingxin wins 12th Ricoh Cup

The 12th Ricoh Cup ended on April 7th, 2012 with teenager Yang Dingxin (3p) defeating Piao Wenyao (9p) to take the title. Yang, who is only 13 years old, has caused quite a stir by becoming the youngest domestic title holder in China. This puts Yang in the league of other famous young title holders like Lee Changho (9p).

Professionals play Pair Go at the 12th Ricoh Cup

On December 28, 2011, the 7th Liguang Pair Go tournament started in China as part of the 12th Liguang Cup. The Liguang Cup is also referred to as the Ricoh Cup because Ricoh is the tournament sponsor. The tournament features a main draw, a ‘new talent’ draw and on the lighter side, a Pair Go tournament. Never one to shy away from joining in the fun, the legendary Nie Weiping (9p) also took part…

Tiger Cubs Storm into 11th Ricoh Cup Final

The march of the Chinese tiger cubs continues in China as Tan Xiao (4p) and Li Zhe (6p) storm into the final of the 11th Ricoh Cup. The Ricoh Cup is a Chinese domestic tournament. This is the first Ricoh Cup final where the tiger cubs have reached the final and yet another milestone for the tiger cub generation. Earlier last month, Zhou Hexi (4p), another tiger cub, became the challenger for the 25th Tianyuan title.