Seo Bongsu

Seo Bongsu 9p isn’t as well known (outside Korea) as some of his contemporaries are, but he’s an honorary Myeongin (Korean Meijin) because of his past dominance of that title and many players are fans of his practical and creative fighting style.
He was considered to be the main (and only serious) Korean rival to Cho Hunhyun 9p at the height of Cho's powers.
While Cho Hunhyun was hailed as a genius from a young age and received intensive formal training in Japan (which was the strongest Go playing nation at the time), Seo Bongsu studied Go by himself in Korea, mostly learning by just playing games in Go clubs. Because of this, he's regarded as the first completely 'homegrown' Korean player to achieve international success.
Seo performed respectfully on the international Go scene, winning the 2nd Ing Cup world Go championship in 1993 and single handedly defeating all of the Chinese team and most of the Japanese team with nine consecutive wins in the 6th Jinro Cup (a team tournament).
In the Baduk TV series Perception of Meijin, Seo Bongsu analyzes the games of past and present masters, offering insights based on his unique perspective of Go.

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