The Tianyuan title is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Tengen title.
The tournament uses a knockout format consisting of 48 players vying for the right to challenge the previous year's winner. 16 players are seeded into the second round of the knockout tournament.
The title match is decided over the best of three games. The current winner's prize is 150,000 RMB.

Go Commentary: Mi Yuting vs Chen Yaoye – 29th Tianyuan

This is game 2 of the 29th Tianyuan (Chinese Tengen) title match. The game was played between Mi Yuting and Chen Yaoye on April 26, 2015, in Wujiang, China. Chen Yaoye won the first game on April 24…

Park Junghwan ends Chen Yaoye’s China Korea Tengen run

The 18th China Korea Tengen was held on Jeju Island, Korea, from September 23 to 26, 2014. The China Korea Tengen is a best of three match between the winners of Korea’s Chunwon and China’s Tianyuan tournament…

Chen Yaoye makes 5 in a row – wins the 27th Tianyuan title

On May 13 and 15, 2013, Chen Yaoye defended his Tianyuan title against yet another challenger, in the 27th Tianyuan title match, in China. This victory marks Chen’s fifth consecutive year as title holder! This year’s challenger, Gu Lingyi 5p, won the right to challenge Chen earlier in February…

4 in a row: Chen Yaoye wins 26th Tianyuan title

On May 4, 2012, the 26th Tianyuan concluded with Chen Yaoye (9p) defeating Zhou Hexi (4p) to win the title for the fourth consecutive year. Tianyuan is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Tengen title. Later this year, Chen will face the Chunwon winner in the annual China Korea Tengen playoff, which he also won last year.

Zhou Hexi to challenge Chen Yaoye in the 26th Tianyuan

On February 18, 2012, Zhou Hexi (4p) defeated Tan Xiao (5p) to become the challenger for the 26th Tianyuan title (the Chinese equivalent of Tengen). Zhou, was also the challenger for the Tianyuan title in 2011 and will once again take on Chen Yaoye (9p) for a second shot at the title. Can Zhou go one better than last year?

Chen Yaoye holds 25th Tianyuan against tiger cub

The 25th Tianyuan Tournament has ended with Chen Yaoye (9p) successfully defending his title against up and coming Chinese player, Zhou Hexi (4p). Zhou was tipped by punters to have a good chance against Chen in this challenge. He was one of three ‘tiger cubs’ who made it to the semi final and he won the right to challenge Chen by defeating stalwart and Chinese head coach, Yu Bin (9p).

Rising young Go players at 25th Tianyuan Tournament

The 25th Tianyuan tournament is currently underway in Beijing, China. Three young Chinese professional Go players: Zhou Hexi (4p), Li Haojie (4p) and Shi Yue (4p) have reached the semi final of this year’s Tianyuan. The three players are part of a group of rising young Go professionals that the Chinese media has affectionately dubbed “the tiger cubs generation”. The three cubs will be joined in the semi final by stalwart, Yu Bin (9p).