Go Commentary: Baoxiang Bai vs Hironori Hirata – 32nd WAGC 2011

This is a commentary of a top game from the 32nd World Amateur Go Championship in Japan. Bai (China) is a 20 year old young guy, and Hirata (Japan) is 84. Hirata used to be one of the four great amateur players in Japan. Bai swept all 8 of his games and won the tournament. Hirata’s score was 6-2 after losing this game, and he was ranked in 5th place. However, it’s still amazing as he is 84 years old. I can’t imagine how he can play so beautifully at his age.

32nd World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) 2011 Final Results

On June 1 2011, China’s Baoxiang Bai won the 32nd World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) with a triumphant clean sweep of 8 wins. South Korea’s Woo Soo Choi finished in second place with an impressive 7 wins – losing only to Bai in round 5. Eric Lui of the USA claimed the third place with 6 wins!

May 2011 World Go Round Up

This week: Joanne Missingham (5p), who plays professionally under her Chinese name, Hei Jiajia, turned 17 while playing in the 4th Taiwan Qiwang. The Nihon Ki-in announced players who will take up the last four spots in the 36th Kisei League. And the 32nd World Amateur Go Championships began in Shimane, Japan.