Kong Jie wins 23rd Asian TV Cup

There were some in the Chinese camp who had been casting doubt on Kong Jie’s earlier in the week. However, those doubts have been put to rest after Kong Jie (9p) emphatically defended his Asian TV Cup this week, winning both his games by resignation in well under 200 moves. Kong knocked out Baek Hongseok (8p) of Korea today (June 10, 2011) in just 162 moves. This the third successive year in which Kong has won the Asian TV Cup.

23rd Asian TV Cup kicks off

On June 6 2011, the 23rd Asian TV Cup kicked off in Beijing, China, with a reception thrown in honour of the contestants. The 7 players competing for the title are: Kong Jie (9p), Wang Lei (8p), Zhong Wenjing (5p) of China, Park Junghwan (9p) and Baek Hongseok (8p) of Korea and Yamada Kimio (9p) and Yoda Norimoto (9p) of Japan. Kong, as defending champion, is seeded directly into the semi finals.