Crazy Stone computer Go program defeats Ishida Yoshio 9 dan with 4 stones


Crazy Stone, a computer Go program by Rémi Coulom, defeated Ishida Yoshio 9p with a four stone handicap, as part of the inaugural Denseisen at the 6th Computer Go UEC Cup in Japan (March 20, 2013). It was an ironic showdown between the computer and ‘The Computer’…

Zen computer Go program beats Takemiya Masaki with just 4 stones!


As part of the ‘6th E&C Symposium’ in Japan, Japanese pro, Takemiya Masaki (9p) played two games against the computer Go program Zen. Much anticipated by both Go players and AI experts, it was an opportunity for Zen to flex its muscles against a world class professional, though many still expected Takemiya to win.

Man vs Machine match: Final results and game commentary


The ‘Man vs Machine’ Go match ended on January 16, with the computer winning 3-1. It was a very interesting series of games and we all got to see just how good computers are at Go now. They may not be good enough to challenge a professional player yet, but I felt that Zen’s performance was quite impressive when you think about where computer Go was at just a few years ago…

Man vs Machine showdown in the board game Go


Do you remember when the world watched IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ supercomputer challenge grandmaster Garry Kasparov across the chess board? It was almost 15 years ago now, but it was big news at the time, shocking news for some, because the computer won. Many believed that it marked the beginning of the era of machine supremacy in the realm of board games…