Team Korea wins 5th Huang Longshi Cup

Choi Jung 5p defeated Yu Zhiying 5p in game 12 of the 5th Huang Longshi Cup on April 10, 2015.

With this victory, Team Korea takes the title back home.

Yu Zhiying 5 dan (left) and Choi Jung 5 dan, reviewing the game with other players.

Yu Zhiying 5 dan (left) and Choi Jung 5 dan, reviewing the game with other players.

Round 1 – O Junga

Round 1 of the 5th Huang Longshi Cup was played from March 1 to 7, 2015, in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China.

Wang Chenxing 5 dan (left) and O Junga 2 dan at the 5th Huang Longshi Cup.

Wang Chenxing 5 dan (left) and O Junga 2 dan at the 5th Huang Longshi Cup.

O Junga 2p, who was Team Korea’s first player, got off to a really good start in this women’s team tournament.

O defeated Okuda Aya 3p, Li He 5p, Kibe Natsuki 1p, Wang Chenxing 5p and Fujisawa Rina 2p, to become the heroine of the 1st round with five consecutive wins.

However, Song Ronghui 5p was Team China’s savior. She defeated O Junga and Hoshiai Shiho 1p to finish up round 1.

Round 2 – Song Ronghui

Round 2 was played on April 5 to 10, 2015, also in Jiangyin.

Song Ronghui 5 dan (left) and Choi Jung 5 dan at the 5th Huang Longshi Cup.

Song Ronghui 5 dan (left) and Choi Jung 5 dan at the 5th Huang Longshi Cup.

Song Ronghui continued her winning streak, defeating O Yujin 2p, Xie Yimin 6p and Kim Chaeyoung 2p, meaning she also won five games in this tournament (including her games from round 1).

Unfortunately, Team Japan didn’t do well in this tournament and they couldn’t win any games.

Fujisawa Rina and Xie Yimin were Japan’s two top prospects in this event, but their games in this tournament were a bit disappointing.

Since Song won five games, the situation was reversed, leaving Team China with three players while Korea had two.

Choi Jung

Choi Jung 5 dan (left) and Cao Youyin 3p, reviewing with other players.

Choi Jung 5 dan (left) and Cao Youyin 3 dan, reviewing with other players.

However, Team Korea still had Choi Jung in reserve. Choi is currently the strongest woman (ranked #1) amongst Korean professional Go players.

Choi defeated Song Ronghui and routed Cao Youyin 3p.

Yu Zhiying, the anchorwoman for Team China, is currently ranked #1 amongst women in China, and she’s very strong against Choi Jung.

The head to head record between Choi and Yu before the game was 6-1 in Yu’s favor, but Choi didn’t seem to be worried about that.

Choi played an excellent game, and Yu resigned after 159 moves. Yu seemed to be under significant pressure as the last player, and she didn’t show her strength in this game.

Team Korea. Kim Chaeyoung 2 dan, Choi Jung 5 dan, Kim Hyemin 7 dan and O Yujin 2 dan (from left)

Team Korea. Kim Chaeyoung 2 dan, Choi Jung 5 dan, Kim Hyemin 7 dan and O Yujin 2 dan (from left)

Kim Hyemin 7p, the anchorwoman for Team Korea, didn’t have to play because Choi finished the tournament.

Congratulations to Team Korea, and I hope Team Japan will do better next year, so that the tournament will become more exciting for everyone.

The Huang Longshi Cup

The Huang Longshi Cup is an international women’s win and continue team tournament between China, Japan and Korea.

The tournament, which started in 2011, should not to be confused with the Huang Longshi Women’s Mingren (Chinese Meijin) tournament.

Team China won the 1st, 2nd and 4th editions of the tournament, and Team Korea won 3rd and the 5th (this year).

The tournament is named after Huang Longshi – a famous Chinese Go genius from the Qing dynasty.

Brief game commentary

Song Ronghui vs O Yujin – Game 8


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


The opening up to Black 53 was even.

Black 99 and 101 were strong moves, and Black (Song) took the lead up to 117.

White 124 was sharp, and O caught up through to 132.

However, White 136 was a mistake, and Black solidified her lead up to 143.

White created a big ko in the top right, and captured the left side group in compensation. However, it wasn’t good enough to reverse the game, and Song maintained her lead until the end.

Xie Yimin vs Song Ronghui – Game 9


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


The variation in the bottom right was the same as in game 8, but Song played White in this game.

Black 39 was questionable, and White (Song) took an early lead with 42 and 52.

Cutting at White 76 was severe, and the fighting up to 94 was better for White.

Black 105 and 107 were a good combination, but White 134 was another severe move to threaten Black’s lower side group.

Black 143 and 153 comprised a nice counter by Xie, and the game became very tense.

However, White 162 to 170 was an excellent sequence to make a ko.

Eventually, White won the ko by one ko threat, and the game was decided in White’s favor.

Kim Chaeyoung vs Song Ronghui – Game 10


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


The opening up to White 50 was well balanced.

Black’s reduction with 69 was a bit too deep, and White (Song) took the lead with a gentle attack up to 96.

White 108, 114 and 132 were big, and Song maintained her lead.

Kim tried to catch up in the endgame, but Song’s endgame was excellent, and she didn’t give Black any chances to do so.

Song Ronghui vs Choi Jung – Game 11


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Black 41 and 51 were questionable, and White (Choi) took the lead up to 70.

Black 81 and 85 were nice tesuji, but White was still in the lead.

Black tried to resist with 103 and 105, but White 110, 112 and 120 were good, and Black was in trouble.

Even though Black captured White’s bottom left group with 123, White’s territory was bigger after 124.

Black tried to start a capturing race with White’s left side group, but she was one liberty short.

Choi Jung vs Cao Youyin – Game 12


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Black 39 and 41 were questionable, and White (Cao) was happy to live up to 54.

Black 63 was a nice move, but White 72 was a good reduction, and White was still in the lead.

White 78 was a mistake, and the game was reversed with Black 79.

White 106 and 108 were overplays, and the game was decided up to Black 123.

Choi Jung vs Yu Zhiying – Game 13


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


The opening was well balanced up to White 46, and the first fight began with Black 47.

White 56 was questionable, and Black (Choi) got a satisfactory result with 57, 63 and 69.

White 80 through to 84 was a good combination, but White 100, 104 and 106 were questionable, and Black built a big territory at the top with 107.

White started a ko with 118 and 120, but it was premature, and Black 143 and 145 were strong counters, and the game was practically over up to Black 155.

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  1. Thank you Younggil An, also these brief commentaries are really helpful when quickly going through the games!

    • Younggil An says:

      That sounds good.

      You can learn trend josekies and openings from those games as well. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent reviews! It’s very sayisfiying to have the stories of the games for mortals to understand. I have one kyu question on Game 9 however: would black fall behind if she played on the left side instead of p17(71)? Are there no good moves to play on the left hand side compared to p17? I’m probably missing something simple…

    143-170 was very nice!

    • Younggil An says:

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, playing on the left side at C9 for Black 71 would have been better. It seems as if Xie Yimin didn’t expect White 74 and 76. That cut doesn’t look nice, but it was quite powerful and severe.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your answer! Yes, I was shocked when I saw 72, 74, and 76, only to find black’s position was becoming uncormfortable :).