Weekly Go problems: Week 108

Here are the weekly Go problems for week 108.

Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun!

Easy Go problem

This is a shape which will come up again and again in your games. Black’s first move is crucial.


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Intermediate Go problem

Don’t try to win every fight. Focus on the ones that matter instead.


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Hard Go problem

You don’t always have to win the capturing race to succeed. Try to keep an open mind and be flexible.


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Discuss other possible moves

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these problems, please leave a comment below at any time. You can use the coordinates on the problem images to discuss a move or sequence of moves.

You can also download the solutions as a PDF or SGF file by clicking the links below each problem.

About Younggil An

Younggil is an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He qualified as a professional in 1997 and won an award for winning 18 consecutive professional matches the following year. After completing compulsory military service, Younggil left Korea in 2008, to teach and promote the game Go overseas. Younggil now lives in Sydney, Australia, and is one of the founders of Go Game Guru. On Friday evenings, Younggil is usually at the Sydney Go Club, where he gives weekly lessons and plays simultaneous games.

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  1. There are already a lot of variations for the hard problem, still the failure diagram I needed to work on most was White’s response at A4. After the next Black move, White can C2, which resolves to the main line, but also B2, which needed more thinking from my side.

    A great problem which I would never solve in a real game.

    • Younggil An says:

      A4 was a good response for white even if it doesn’t work if black answers correctly. I agree that it’d be very hard to solve in a real game, but it can still give you some ideas how to think differently in the situation.
      If you keep studying this sort of problems, they’ll help you to get stronger. 🙂

  2. Solved all problems just by looking at them, oh yeah!

  3. All three are quite nice, and as always the difficult one is special indeed!

    Kind regards,

  4. for the hard one:

    when white A2,C2,B2,B1,A7,
    can white play at A6? if Black play at A4,then white A9,A10,C1, is it a ko?


    • weiqidevil says:

      After your White A6, black will connect at A8. White then has to play A4 and black wins the semeai on the other side with the throw in at C1.

  5. Now I see for the hard problem its not about the capture but is there a variation to contain whites possible attack and limit whites liberties. From what I see is that it could be fairly easy under the right circumstances

  6. I’m doing a terrible job of understanding why the diagram 2 solution for the hard problem is a good solution.

    I can’t think of any variation where the 11th stone isn’t dead. This is at best stealing a tiny bit of territory (via black stones at A5-A8) at a cost that more or less evens the scoring out anyway.
    How is it that this is the best solution to this problem?

  7. I think there is a typo in the solution to the Intermediate one: it should say “groups at B and C” instead of “groups at A and B”.