Weekly Go problems: Week 136

Here are the weekly Go problems for week 136.

Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun!

Easy Go problem

There’s more than one solution, but it’s all about the vital point.


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Intermediate Go problem

Never give up just because it looks like stones might escape. That’s the very moment when you’ll see how to capture them! 🙂


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Hard Go problem

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but thinking about your opponent’s plans more than your own is one of the secrets of playing well.


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Discuss other possible moves

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these problems, please leave a comment below at any time. You can use the coordinates on the problem images to discuss a move or sequence of moves.

You can also download the solutions as a PDF or SGF file by clicking the links below each problem.

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  1. Hard one is lovely ☺

  2. theboxboy says:

    I love the hard problem’s “playing under the stones”!

  3. I read out the easy and intermediate one.
    I tried the hard one and didn’t see the answer to the obvious move. Then I saw the tesuji and played it out with the viewer. Not real reading up to hard level, but still.

    Great problems as always.

  4. Charlie H (3D) says:

    Nice problems! intermediate black2 is interesting; very easy to go the wrong side even if you see the general idea.
    Really liked the hard one; the kicker is a shape that has come up in these problems before, so I recognised it very quick, but the problem was getting there, because I saw the issue with black1 and spent ages trying to think of a different first move rather than trying something else to get it to work after.
    Also if you don’t mind me asking, I’m experimenting with diferent online servers; I’ve used kgs up till now but found numbers to be declining. Are there any you use regularly or would recommend?

  5. Great to see a new set of problems. The first two came easy to me, although I set a new goal towards the end of the second one. The third one really was a treat, again a proof how rich go can be even in deceptive simple positions.

    Kind regards,

  6. Go Seigen made many tsumego with the theme of 3. If you are looking for it, you will find it, but I doubt many people would see this during a game.