Weekly Go problems: Week 55

Here are the weekly Go problems for week 55.

Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun!

Easy Go problem

Where’s the vital point?


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Intermediate Go problem

Being able to read ladders clearly is fundamentally important.


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Hard Go problem

You can sometimes find a vital point where two lines of play intersect, and then you should think about move order.


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Still want more Go problems?

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Discuss other possible moves

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these problems, please leave a comment below at any time. You can use the coordinates on the problem images to discuss a move or sequence of moves.

You can also download the solutions as a PDF or SGF file by clicking the links below each problem.

About David Ormerod

David is a Go enthusiast who’s played the game for more than a decade. He likes learning, teaching, playing and writing about the game Go. He's taught thousands of people to play Go, both online and in person at schools, public Go demonstrations and Go clubs. David is a 5 dan amateur Go player who competed in the World Amateur Go Championships prior to starting Go Game Guru. He's also the editor of Go Game Guru.

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  1. nice , like this one

  2. But What happen after black D 3 if white plays G2

    • Leonid Entin says:

      If W G2 then B D2 is still sente but if White answers D3 at F2 then Black doesn’t seem to be able to take corner in sente anymore.

      • David Ormerod says:

        As Leonid said, answering D3 with G2 or J1 is almost the same.

        If white answers D3 with F2 she can get sente, but at a cost, because white won’t be completely alive after that. It’s complicated to explain, so I’ve updated the SGF and PDF files to show you.

        You might want to just download the PDF if your browser is caching the SGF file.

  3. David, your latest directions with the problems allow me to find the correct solution without feeling you gave away too much! The sweet spot between guided success and original reading.


    • David Ormerod says:

      Thanks Dieter, I guess after one year I had to get better at something… 😉

      I’ll try to stay on this track.

  4. Thanks for the problems. 1st and 2nd one are perfect. 3rd one is a little bit too well known, but you only have so many good problems!

    • David Ormerod says:

      Thanks! You said the hard problem was well known another week as well, which is strange because both those times I made the problem from scratch – whereas on other occasions I’ve used problems from classical collections, which I expected would be recognized.

      I’m guessing you must mean the tesuji or idea behind the problem is well known? That’s true, because I nearly always start with a specific technique in mind when making a problem. In that sense, I guess most Go things since the Xuanxuan Qijing are postmodern… 🙂