Weekly Go problems: Week 98

Here are the weekly Go problems for week 98.

Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun!

Easy Go problem

Seeing an atari doesn’t mean you should stop reading!


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Intermediate Go problem

This is a special situation where white has played an inappropriate joseki. Try to capture the cutting stones.


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Hard Go problem

The shape that remains after stones are captured can be just as important as the stones themselves.


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Discuss other possible moves

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these problems, please leave a comment below at any time. You can use the coordinates on the problem images to discuss a move or sequence of moves.

You can also download the solutions as a PDF or SGF file by clicking the links below each problem.

About David Ormerod

David is a Go enthusiast who’s played the game for more than a decade. He likes learning, teaching, playing and writing about the game Go. He's taught thousands of people to play Go, both online and in person at schools, public Go demonstrations and Go clubs. David is a 5 dan amateur Go player who competed in the World Amateur Go Championships prior to starting Go Game Guru. He's also the editor of Go Game Guru.

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  1. Martin Michel says:

    Great problems, but they were fairly easy in my opinion (:

    • Agreed, I solved them all instantly (this is not always the case!).

    • David Ormerod says:

      I thought the third problem could be quite a bit harder than some of the others I’ve posted, because it requires you to find several tesuji.

      Of course, there’s only really one good first move, so in that sense it’s easier than others. The important thing is to know what will happen before you play a stone.

  2. Nice problems. Very intresting the hard one. Similar shapes often happens in my games.. thanks David.

  3. Nice problems. Especially the difficult one, that is always interesting. The other ones are nice exercises to keep you sharp.

    Kind regards,

  4. How mean! You included an easy shape as a trap to divert my focus from the real shape!

  5. Easy problem was the hardest for me xD
    I suffered from a case of blind spots I think.

    • David Ormerod says:

      Sounds like a blind spot, but you’ll remember this now. Actually, it’s very useful to know that black can still play the net. This seems to catch players out quite often.

  6. How possible would it be to get an SGF that contains all three problems in one file? I’d love to be able to download each week as a whole.

    • David Ormerod says:

      There’s no difficulty in doing that Noah, but it would take me more time to post the problems each week and I don’t have very much time as it is.

      What’s the advantage for you of having all the problems in one file? Is it just to save clicks or is there another reason?

  7. David: Only my own laziness. I can easily combine them myself using Drago or CGoban, it’d just be easier to get it in one easy file. If it’s more work for you, then don’t worry about it.

  8. Hard problem was very interesting. Nice job David!