Yu Changhyeok and Choi Jung become 2nd SG Cup Pair Go champions

On August 11, 2012, it was happy faces all around as Choi Jung 2p and Yu Changhyeok 9p received the winners’ check for the 2nd SG Pair Go Cup.

From left: Choi Jung (2 dan), Yu Changhyeok (9 dan), Cho Hanseung (9 dan) and O Junga (1 dan).

The combination of Choi’s young talent and Yu’s experience proved too good for their opponents in the final, O Junga 1p and Cho Hanseung 9p.

However, there were no regrets for the runner up pair, as the day also marked a momentous occasion for O – it was her first final in a major tournament.

Yu Changhyeok and Choi Jung at a post game interview.

Knocking out the dream team

After a semi final win over the ‘dream team’, Lee Sedol 9p and Park Jieun 9p, the ‘master and disciple’ (Yu and Choi) were on a roll and nothing could stop the pair from taking the title.

The pair Go dream team? Lee Sedol (9 dan) and Park Jieun (9 dan) at the 2nd SG Cup.

It must help that Yu and Choi are familiar with one another’s styles of play. Choi studied Go at Yu Changhyeok’s dojo in Korea and the pair have also played against one in last three GG Auction Cups.

More pair Go coming in October

Later this year in October, Choi and Yu will take part in a three way international pair Go tournament in China.

China will be represented by Chang Hao 9p and Wang Chenxing 5p and Japan will send Yuki Satoshi 9p and Umezawa Yukari 5p of Hikaru no Go fame.

SG Cup Pair Go

The SG Cup Pair Go tournament first started in 2011. The draw consists of 32 mixed pairs and it uses a single knockout format.

The winning team receives 30 million Won (about $25,000 USD at the time of writing) and the runner up receives 10 million Won.

Photos from the SG Cup

Game record

Cho Hanseung and O Junga vs Yu Changhyeok and Choi Jung


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Yoo Changhyeok is Choi Jung’s teacher. They know each other very well and good for pair game.

  2. It’s interesting to see a few ko threat moves played when there is no ko. The purpose I suppose is to leave the position for the stronger player to resolve but it seems artificial.

    • Some of them could be time moves too, but I think you’re mostly right. I didn’t see what the time settings were for this game, but they were probably quite fast. If you want to know I’d have to chase it up.

  3. So it’s life and death puzzle time. At move 112 or again at 114 can’t B live with H12? B loses the cutting point at k9 and the stones at E14 but that seems like a relatively small price to pay.

    While W’s influence toward the right seems menacing territorially the game does not seem bad for B.

  4. I guess the dead group is worth about 40 pts, which is about what B gets out of the bottom right but B ended up playing at m7 rather than prosecuting an aggressive policy in the top right. So it doesn’t seem like that even a trade.

    • I’m not sure either Tony and I’m guessing from the lack of comments that nobody is :P. Your analysis sounds reasonable. It would be another game I suppose.

  5. hi jing! love your articles. this is off topic, but i didn’t see a way to email you, so here is my question. is the korean gc auction cup (seniors vs women) a serious tournament? i think it’s a lot of fun, but i don’t know if the participants, including senior greats like cho hunhyun and seo bongsoo, and lots of wonderful strong young women, really take it seriously. do you think you might take us behind the scenes sometime?

    • Hi Dave, I’m really happy to hear you’re enjoying my articles! Recently there haven’t been so many comments so I was starting to wonder if people were still reading 😛

      The GG Auction Cup is still a serious tournament in that the players still try their best to win. I think most pros play to win unless they’re teaching.

      I don’t generally follow the GG Auction Cup, but I have replayed a few of the GG Auction Cup videos we have in Baduk TV On Demand recently (it’s still in beta testing, but it’s about to be released with English subtitles).

      The tournament has always seemed a bit strange to me in that it tries to encourage young women and help them improve by getting them to play the old guys. Certainly players like Cho Hunhyun and Seo Bongsu are still strong, but I think women need more games against the likes of Lee Sedol and Park Junghwan if they’re really going to get to the top level. Anyway, the tournament is nearing its final stages now, so I’ll have a look into it for you.

  6. Thank-you for the article Jing.

    Is there a link to find the rest of the games? I’m very interested in Lee Sedol and Park Jieun’s games, and maybe some other couples who weren’t mentioned. Thank-you.