Zhou Hexi to challenge Chen Yaoye in the 26th Tianyuan

On February 18, 2012, Zhou Hexi 4p defeated Tan Xiao 5p to become the challenger for the 26th Tianyuan title (the Chinese equivalent of Tengen).

A rematch with Chen Yaoye

Zhou Hexi (4 dan, left) plays Tan Xiao (5 dan) to decide who will challenge Chen Yaoye for the Tianyuan title.

Zhou, was also the challenger for the Tianyuan title in 2011 and will once again take on Chen Yaoye 9p for a second shot at the title.

This year’s Tianyuan tournament played out rather strangely. Big names such as Gu Li 9p, Qiu Jun 9p and Piao Wenyao 9p were knocked out early.

March of the tiger

The only 9 dan to make it to the quarter final stage was Kong Jie. This seems to indicate that the Chinese tiger cub generation are already making their presence felt in the domestic Chinese Go scene.

Zhou Hexi contemplates the board.

In years to come, will we look back on Jiang Weijie’s recent win in the 16th LG Cup as the beginning of this generation’s march on the international scene?

Tan Xiao, another promising player.

And how will they fare against the likes of Park Junghwan 9p, Iyama Yuta 9p, Kang Dongyun 9p and Kim Jiseok 7p? (and lets not forget another prodigy from that generation, Chen Yaoye).

Chen Yaoye, the current Tianyuan title holder, awaits Zhou.

26th Tianyuan finals

The finals will be played later this year in April. Can Zhou go one better than last year?

Game record: Tan Xiao vs Zhou Hexi


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Nice game, huge territories. I counted the final position several times, it seems awfully close, one or two points in it. Is that correct? As an amateur I certainly would keep on playing then.

    Kind regards,

  2. I was sad to see Tan Xiao lose this match 🙁 Maybe it’s because I don’t know Zhou Hexi at all. Anyway, these two players are both so young; their Go future is looking very bright 🙂

    Today Mi Yu Ting 3p (15 y.o.) was defeated by another young Chinese star, Yang Dingxin 3p. Does the “tiger cubs generation” include these even younger players? I read that Yang is only 13 years old!

    Either way, there is definitely a new wave of Chinese Go prodigies who will soon be fighting for big titles. It will be very exciting to watch 🙂